How Energy Companies can Benefit from Litigation Finance
29 March 2018

Litigation finance redistributes risk to the party that is most willing and able to bear and manage it. The benefit of this risk distribution is the allocation of capital resources to their highest and best use; allowing energy companies to invest in projects that optimize returns and promote general economic growth.

This article will examine the following questions:

  • How a company can benefit from transferring the risk associated with an investment in a legal claim
  • Why an entity holding a portfolio of legal claims is more capable of bearing and managing such risk
  • Why litigation financiers are well suited to aggregate portfolios of legal claims

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Transforming the Transport and Logistics Concept: Reliable and cost-efficient solutions for even the most complex cargo projects
28 March 2018

Volga-Dnepr Airlines (VDA) is the world leader in the market of oversized and super-heavy cargo transportation. For over 28 years, it has been transforming the transport and logistics concept, providing its customers with timely, reliable and cost-efficient solutions for even the most complex cargo projects for various industries, including aerospace, oil and gas, automotive, energy, and others. By choosing Volga-Dnepr, global organizations know they are working with a team of professionals that will ensure they can keep the promise they have made to their own customers - download this whitepaper to find out how.

VDA also regularly performs transportation services for international governments to support worldwide peacekeeping and humanitarian aid projects, and for organizations supporting the victims of natural or man-made disasters.

Its fleet includes twelve ramp aircraft An-124-100 Ruslan and five modernized IL-76TD-90VD freighters and sales offices are located in different regions of the world.

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Key Themes for Global Energy Markets 2018
23 March 2018

This whitepaper investigates five key themes for global energy markets in 2018:

  • Shale to underperform expectations
  • Companies to leverage bottom of the offshore service cost cycle
  • LNG projects to pick up pace
  • DM fuels demand to struggle, EM to comeback
  • Looking after the investor – corporates returning value

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Digitalisation in Downstream Oil & Gas - Does it hold the key to greater profitability?
22 March 2018

Digitalisation has become a core focus to achieve higher asset utilisation and downstream profitability. This free whitepaper finds out what refinery and gas processing stakeholders are doing to digitalise their assets today and about their views on whether digital holds the key to greater downstream profitability.

Key features include:

  • Global oil refinery and natural gas processing maintenance spend outlook by region to 2022
  • Global refinery and gas processing capacity by region to 2022
  • Dozens of quotes from interviews with downstream oil & gas stakeholders on issues such as barriers to and factors for successful digitalisation
  • Key conclusions and the 3 next digitalisation steps for the downstream sector

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The Great Data Transformation: How the oil and gas industry is capitalising on digitalisation
14 March 2018

As the oil and gas industry becomes increasingly digitised, torrents of data are being unleashed that can all too easily overwhelm companies. Read the first part of this article to find out how some of the Industry leaders are leveraging the power of data:

  • Petronas gains immediate insights into any emerging problems
  • ADNOC Onshore can constantly monitor all key components

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An Integrated Approach to Optimizing Midstream Assets for Maximum Utilization and Investment Returns
14 February 2018

Despite the pressing demand for new pipeline capacity, operators face a number of challenges in operating their own assets today. These include issues associated with aging infrastructure, intense competition, reductions in CAPEX and OPEX, effective data management, cybersecurity concerns, tightening legislation, regulatory compliance, and the imminent retirement of experienced personnel. By providing fully integrated, pretested, ready-to-install pumping/compressor solutions, Siemens Pipelines 4.0 solution tames complexity to reduce the time, costs, and risks of bringing much-needed, next-generation pipeline capacity online across North America.

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Digital Oil Recovery - Expanding reserve and production optionality with digital technologies
26 January 2018

Until today, long-cycle, capital intensive projects or short-cycle, cash-flow strained unconventionals have been the traditional options available to drive production growth. Digital Oil Recovery™ powered by FOROIL provides a compelling alternative by using mathematical models, machine learning, and reservoir physics to simulate the behaviour of brownfield reservoirs, optimizing their development and creating the potential for production gains of 20% or more with limited capital investment. Digital Oil Recovery™ transforms traditional brownfields into assets that offer rapid production gains, capital flexibility and low decline rates.

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Solution for Fast Evaluations of Large Portfolios of Oil and Gas Fields
20 December 2017

How do you decide if an oil and gas portfolio is a good investment? Do you spend months aggregating and analysing raw production data? Can you provide a confidence interval for valuation? QRI’s SpeedWise Portfolio® Analysis (SPA™) is a new systematic process for the evaluation of oil and gas assets, which can help drive valuable decisions necessary for making investments, or prioritise future investments by understanding the health of your own portfolio. SPA determines the economic value of the entire portfolio almost instantaneously, and delivers a fully interactive user interface with key performance indicators, allowing the user to review the history, current condition and expected future performance of the portfolio.

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