Making the Digital Leap with Topsides 4.0
15 November 2017

“Lower for longer” oil prices are forcing the oil and gas industry to step back and re-evaluate the way that they do business. In the midst of this, one thing is becoming clear: digitalisation is not a passing trend. It will forever change how companies work internally and how they engage with suppliers and customers. Adopting digitalisation is not about purchasing a one-off solution – it is about clients embarking on a journey with strategic partners to make their businesses more competitive. With Topsides 4.0, Siemens aims to help the oil and gas industry achieve that by responding to the challenges of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

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Digitalisation Offshore: Is it the secret to sustaining lower operating costs?
10 November 2017

In an effort to optimise the economic recovery of hydrocarbons in a low oil price environment, oil & gas operators are increasingly evaluating the role of technology in sustainable long-term cost reduction initiatives. AVEVA, in partnership with Westwood Global Energy Group, has interviewed oil and gas industry stakeholders to understand whether digitalisation holds the key to sustaining lower operating costs offshore. Discover what the decision makers we surveyed think of digitalisation. What are the benefits, perceptions, hurdles and next steps to getting digitalisation right? PLUS, gain new insights from Westwood on the current outlook for the offshore industry.

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Hydrocarbon Markets: Why Break Even When You Can Break Away?
8 November 2017

Oil and gas companies’ traditional focus on long-cycle asset classes is no longer viable. What’s needed is a dynamic, analytics-driven approach to asset portfolio management that adapts to the accelerated pace of today’s industry volatility. Manas Satapathy, Prashant Mehrotra, Jean-Marie Rousset and Muqsit Ashraf of Accenture Strategy, Energy describe a new hydrocarbon asset evaluation model that analyses the risk/return attributes of every significant asset class and geography, and enables oil and gas leaders to make wiser portfolio decisions in the months and years ahead.

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Beyond Oil Digitalisation: The Roadmap to Upstream Profitability
7 November 2017

This paper discusses digital transformation in the oil patch. It explores how upstream industry leaders are capitalising on the explosion of data and how, in particular, merging rigorous process models with both analytics and data visualisation can help achieve a competitive advantage. It also reveals how innovations from AspenTech are helping to lead the way toward asset reliability and profitability.

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LNG: Global Industry Trends for 2018
19 September 2017

LNG is a rapidly growing market and 2018 is the tipping point. Export growth is set to peak, led by major capacity additions in the US and Australia. Demand growth – led by emerging Asia – will also accelerate, but will significantly lag the growth in supply, driving spot prices further down. Sustained oversupply, renewed spot price weakness and the shift in demand growth from developed to emerging markets has major implications for the shape and direction of the global LNG market. This 37 page report offers a deep-dive into the outlook on global supply and demand, trends in pricing and innovations in technology, contracts and financing in the sector.

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Brexit strategy: Energy outlook
19 September 2017

As the United Kingdom navigates its exit from the European Union, the impact on the country’s energy markets has been largely overlooked in favour of talk about trade deals or divorce payments. However, issues such as membership of the Internal Energy Market, the supply of natural gas, renewable energy targets, pipelines and electricity interconnectors are of huge importance. Garry Pegg and Ilan Kotkis, partners at King & Spalding in London, look at some of the aspects of the post-Brexit energy landscape.

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The Time is Right for Optimum Reliability: Capital-Intensive Industries and Asset Performance Management
19 September 2017

Imagine a plant that is no longer at risk of a random shutdown. Imagine not worrying about losing a year’s worth of hard-fought optimization value in just two to three days due to a maintenance emergency. Through the science of maintenance, historical and real-time operational data combine to predict when a breakdown will occur with months — not just days — of advance notice. Learn more in this executive brief from AspenTech President and CEO Antonio Pietri.

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Impacting the bottom line - 10 real-world examples of oil and gas innovators using data for economic effect
2 August 2017

In a new era of heightened oil-price volatility, data and technology are crucial in helping operators cut costs and maximise value. TransCanada, Tullow Oil, Marathon Oil or Petronas Carigali all make use of the latest technological advances for maximum business impact. Download this report to read 10 case studies from some of the leading oil and gas companies and understand how the use of technology is becoming an indispensable part of any successful commercial enterprise in the industry.

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