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Informing energy markets since 1934

In an age of free information, decision-makers need impartial, reliable and rigorous sifting of fact from fiction. They need solid analysis of essential data, presented in a way that makes it quick to absorb. They need genuine intelligence from high-risk areas of the world. They will find all this in Petroleum Economist.

We’ve written about oil, its politics and economics since 1934. Petroleum Economist has explained some of the industry’s biggest disruptions – such as the 1973 oil crisis, the Gulf Wars, the rise of China, the Arab uprisings, and the more recent supply-side shocks from North America’s unconventional energy sector.

Petroleum Economist has covered the booms and busts in the oil price – we stuck our neck out and called the latest crash before others. We always look ahead, draw on our long experience to spot emerging trends. In a period of change for the industry – influenced by everything from Opec policy to UN climate summits – Petroleum Economist remains the indispensable authority on energy.

Our coverage goes beyond the headlines, giving subscribers essential insight into global oil and gas politics and markets. Readers use our intelligence to form commercial strategy, whether they lead state-owned or privately held companies. Governments read and talk to us because we explain policy clearly and intelligently.

We put people on the ground to cover the biggest stories. Petroleum Economist has reported from warzones in the Middle East and North Africa, countless Opec meetings, remotest Siberia and northern Canada, the Orinoco, East Africa, Borneo and Papua New Guinea. We take on difficult stories in tricky places where the risks are great – and the need to understand them paramount.

Investors have faith in Petroleum Economist’s judgement – and we take pride in this trust. It opens doors for us in the world’s energy ministries, on Wall Street and in oil capitals from Calgary to Baku, Astana to Mexico City. Reporters around the world give us a global perspective for a global executive readership.

We research and compile in-depth reports covering specific segments of the energy industry. They draw on Petroleum Economist’s decades of specialist knowledge, its on-the-ground presence and include data from our archives, analysis, contributions from industry experts and detailed specialist maps from our industry-renowned cartography department.

Petroleum Economist is printed monthly, with a website updated daily, and an app which is available for download from iTunes and the Google Store. 

The Petroleum Economist Ltd is part of Gulf Publishing Holdings LLC.

About Gulf Publishing Company
Founded in 1916, Gulf Publishing Company produces and distributes leading trade journals, industry research, databases, software, publications, conferences and events designed for the needs of the energy industry. Gulf Publishing Company is an independently-owned company headquartered in Houston, Texas, and has offices throughout the globe. Our flagship publications are World Oil, Hydrocarbon Processing, Petroleum Economist and Gas Processing.

About Hydrocarbon Processing
Since 1922, management and technical professionals from petroleum refining, gas processing, petrochemical/chemical and engineer/constructor companies throughout the world have turned to Hydrocarbon Processing for high-quality technical and operating information. Through its monthly magazine, website and e-newsletters, Hydrocarbon Processing covers technological advances, processes and optimisation developments from throughout the global Hydrocarbon Processing Industry (HPI). Hydrocarbon Processing editors and writers provide real-world case studies and practical information that readers can use to improve their companies’ operations and their own professional job skills.

About World Oil
World Oil, established in 1916 as The Oil Weekly, is published monthly by Gulf Publishing Company. For more than 100 years, the World Oil team has maintained a shared vision - to offer superior editorial content in World Oil that covers the upstream oil and gas industry by "Defining Conventional, Shale and Offshore Technology for Oil and Gas." World Oil brings buyers and sellers together via World Oil's superior circulation, WorldOil.com and many e-newsletters, and achieves advertiser's confidence by delivering cost-effective results.

About Gas Processing
Gas Processing is published by Gulf Publishing Company and is the first publication solely devoted to the global gas processing industry, with distribution among upstream, midstream, and downstream executives and engineers. Gas Processing covers process technologies, equipment, operations and maintenance, environment/regulations and market trends. Gas Processing covers: Natural gas liquids (NGL), Liquefied natural gas (LNG), Gas-to-liquids (GTL), and Liquefied petroleum gas, and more.