PE Conferences

A Petroleum Economist energy strategy forum, October 6th, Mexico City 



Petroleum Economist is co-hosting a one day, invitation-only energy strategy forum in Mexico City, in partnership with SENER and Secretaría de Economía.

The forum will provide top-down analysis and discussion around Mexico's energy reforms; the investment opportunities created by upstream development and the deregulation of petrochemical sales and distribution; and how best to confront the multiple challenges of implementation. The programme will also provide international context, to include analysis of Mexico's competitiveness in the global market, the effect of oil price volatility, and open-market case studies from other major oil and gas producers. Our partnerships with SENER and Secretaría de Economía adds great value and makes the conference a must attend for all current and future stakeholders of Mexican oil & gas sector.

Petroleum Economist will use its global network of senior industry executives to gather a high level audience from both local and international companies, in an intimate and exclusive setting. The forum will have a targeted media campaign, delivering global outreach. The international audience of approximately 250 invited guests will comprise of senior representatives of NOCs, IOCs, local operators and service companies, EPC companies, consultants, financiers and investors.

The forum will be led by the Petroleum Economist editorial team - this will be the only event in your calendar where our editors will curate the conference and ask the questions. This brings high-quality analysis, independence and focus. The forum will be highly innovative and interactive. The forum is free to attend but is strictly by invitation only.

For more information, contact Dominic Ham: +44 203 409 2243