WEC Istanbul 2016
Time to invest in Africa
18 October 2016
Improving the continent's energy access is crucial to boosting economic growth. Exploiting Africa’s renewable resources will be key, says African Union’s energy Commissioner
Trilemma index shows access high on the agenda
18 October 2016
New rankings show Denmark as top performer, with Europeans dominating
Three-way tie
18 October 2016
The risks of mismanaging the energy-water-food-nexus are many
Cooperation needed to boost Asian electricity
18 October 2016
Demand for power will soar over the next two decades. Europe and North America must help
Planning for the future
18 October 2016
After a three-year term as the World Energy Council’s co-Chair, Younghoon David Kim is to take over as Chair until 2019. We caught up with him to get his thoughts on the Council, and where energy markets are changing
An inspiring challenge
18 October 2016
Adapting to the world’s changing energy demands requires the industry to adopt a far-sighted approach
China charts course to low carbon future
18 October 2016
By 2030, China will become the world’s largest economy. That has massive implications for the world’s energy outlook
The age of hydrocarbons is far from over
18 October 2016
Oil and gas are needed now more than ever and Opec must freeze its output, Russia’s president says
The challenge of energy efficiency
18 October 2016
Logical and systematic consumption are matters governments and agencies have long struggled with. Here at WEC, one moderator hopes to make some great strides
Energy gateway looks to diversify
18 October 2016
Turkey is a vital conduit for oil and gas supplies between continents. But prime minister Binali Yildirim wants his country to focus strongly on reform
Saudi energy minister sees Opec target on track
18 October 2016
Khalid al-Falih bullish on organisation’s role in determining future policy
Wind to muscle in on hydropower market share
12 October 2016
Output across renewable energy sources will soar by 2040 as costs fall
The long road to balance
12 October 2016
Only oil demand increases and an Opec-wide output freeze will tighten the market
Istanbul - the meeting place
12 October 2016
As the energy industry's leading figures meet at the World Energy Congress, we take a look at what else Istanbul has to offer
Dearth of nuclear investment threatens cleanup
12 October 2016
Nuclear power demand will soar over the next two decades but capacity growth will not
Economic and energy transformation through decarbonisation
12 October 2016
As the world tackles climate change, it is important to examine the transformations and transitions facing the energy sector
The new frontiers
12 October 2016
Statement issued by the World Energy Council on 9 October 2016 ahead of the 23rd World Energy Congress
The music of change
12 October 2016
With so much going on in energy markets, how can anyone make policy that lasts, or invest intelligently?
Embracing the new frontiers of energy
12 October 2016
It’s time to look to change. With markets shifting and resource bases altering, now is the moment to reappraise our energy requirements, and how to service them
A new landscape in the Eastern Mediterranean
12 October 2016
Dr. Yuval Steinitz, Minister of National Infrastructures, Energy and Water Resources of Israel will join the Atlantic Council panel on the Eastern Mediterranean at the 23rd World Energy Congress in Istanbul
New technologies create challenges for policy-makers
23 September 2016
As the world embraces technological change, so too must policy-makers
Energy transitions and power sector unbundling 2.0
18 August 2016
Decommoditising the electricity sector may be the next step in the transition to a lower carbon future
Urban energy in the age of the megacity
15 August 2016
Rapidly urbanising cities need a transformative approach to energy
Sustainable retreat
8 August 2016
The industrial revolution is over and the sustainability revolution has begun. Sustainable development is out and sustainable retreat is in. This changes the game for everyone. Jason Drew, CEO of AgriProtein, explains
Looking ahead to the WEC 2016 World Energy Congress
1 August 2016
Explore the 2016 leading congress destination
WEC Chair Nadeau's invitation
1 August 2016
WEC Chair Nadeau invites the international energy community to the World Energy Congress in Istanbul, October 2016
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