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Petroleum Economist in association with PwC, is proud to introduce the Global Renewable Energy Digital Map, a cartographic representation of installed renewable energy production capacity around the globe.

Detailing production and consumption of renewable energy around the world, this unique map enables you to pinpoint installed production capacity for hydro; onshore wind; offshore wind; solar; geothermal; marine; and biomass, with each energy type clearly labeled with its own icon for ease of recognition. Stay ahead of your competitors - quickly spot regional trends and potential areas for development to enhance your company's presence within the industry.

This map features:

  • Major installed renewable infrastructure developments: hydropower, onshore wind, offshore wind, solar (thermal & photovoltaic), geothermal, marine (wave and tidal) and biomass
  • Clickable world map to regional and then individual country maps. Illustrating the renewable energy infrastructure. Each page has regional or country energy consumption data where known and a listing of facilities by fuel type
  • Extensive global graphics and tables showing renewable energy production capacity; production and consumption statistics; global statistics on renewable energy as a percentage of the wider energy mix; forecast data for renewable energy production and consumption in 2035

How to use

Simply click on a region on the world map, then select a country of interest. To select another country, click on the previous region in the breadcrumb at the top, or select a new region from the navigation. Symbol definitions can be found under each map.


Petroleum Economist Cartographic team with PwC Renewable energy experts, have taken a look at all known renewable energy projects and have taken the following steps to make the map more concise:

  • Hydropower projects (labeled) are 1,000MW installed capacity and over with the exception of Africa which are 250MW and over. Small hydropower projects are between 750MW installed capacity and 1,000MW, with the exception of Africa which are between 100MW and 250MW.
  • Wind projects both onshore and offshore (labeled) are 100MW installed capacity and over. Small wind projects are under 100MW.
  • Solar projects both thermal and photovoltaic (labeled) are 50MW installed capacity and over. Small solar projects are under 50MW.
  • Geothermal projects (labeled) are 50MW installed capacity and over.
  • Wave, tidal and biomass all known projects have been listed.
  • Country classification is based on BP Statistical Review of World Energy 2012, primary energy consumption mix for 2011. We have omitted hydropower to give a fair reflection of renewable energy. For more information visit

Updates and disclaimer

Digital version published: November 2012

The information within this map is based upon or drawn from various authoritative sources and whilst all reasonable care has been taken in the preparation of this map no warranties can be given as to its accuracy and/or no reliance should be placed upon the same without further detailed inspection and survey. The publishers and PwC cannot therefore accept any liability or responsibility for any loss or damage and indeed would be grateful to receive notification of any updates, errors or inconsistencies e-mail: No reproduction whatsoever of this map or any part thereof is permitted without prior consent of the copyright owners. The international and other boundaries in this map are taken from authoritative sources and believed to be accurate as at the date of publication of this map.

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