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Better by design?
18 October 2016
Europe’s evolving energy market needs to focus on effective mapping
Ecuador taps into water
18 October 2016
Minister of Electricity and Renewable Energy explains ambitious plan to develop hydro resources
Nigeria to go all out for biofuels
18 October 2016
As the country’s crude production continues to suffer, it is turning to alternative fuels
All eyes on Turkey ahead of WPC
18 October 2016
The country’s importance as an energy hub will continue to increase. Istanbul was a natural choice to hold the upcoming World Petroleum Congress
Ban calls for transformative approach to energy
18 October 2016
WEC’s Energy Trilemma concept seen as valuable tool in shaping sustainability narrative
A valuable tool to compare national progress
18 October 2016
An index produced by WEC provides insight into policies around the world
Tech major ready for growth
18 October 2016
Despite hydrocarbon price turbulence, the MENA and Turkey region continue to provide opportunities
Convergence reshaping market, says Barkindo
18 October 2016
Producer and consumer interests are unifying, which will be a welcome boost to global oil prices, according to Opec’s secretary-general
BP chief flags up the Three Cs
18 October 2016
CEO Bob Dudley has charted a way for energy businesses to succeed in a challenging market
Gas: from dark ages to golden age?
18 October 2016
Natural gas has been through a difficult phase, but the industry could be poised for a stronger path
Collaborate to innovate
18 October 2016
Decarbonisation is driving change in the energy world’s status quo. Christoph Frei, Secretary General of the World Energy Council, speaks about the future of markets
Turkish companies set for closer cooperation with Aramco
18 October 2016
Saudi Aramco chief says diversification drive offers opportunities
Preparing power
18 October 2016
European energy markets are going through structural change—and it looks like there's a lot more to come. We caught up with Dr Patrick Graichen, Director at Agora Energiewende for his thoughts
The world waits on Opec
18 October 2016
Global economic health is at stake as energy leaders await freeze deal confirmation
Trilemma index shows access high on the agenda
18 October 2016
New rankings show Denmark as top performer, with Europeans dominating
Planning for the future
18 October 2016
After a three-year term as the World Energy Council’s co-Chair, Younghoon David Kim is to take over as Chair until 2019. We caught up with him to get his thoughts on the Council, and where energy markets are changing
The age of hydrocarbons is far from over
18 October 2016
Oil and gas are needed now more than ever and Opec must freeze its output, Russia’s president says
Energy gateway looks to diversify
18 October 2016
Turkey is a vital conduit for oil and gas supplies between continents. But prime minister Binali Yildirim wants his country to focus strongly on reform
Saudi energy minister sees Opec target on track
18 October 2016
Khalid al-Falih bullish on organisation’s role in determining future policy
The new frontiers
12 October 2016
Statement issued by the World Energy Council on 9 October 2016 ahead of the 23rd World Energy Congress
A new landscape in the Eastern Mediterranean
12 October 2016
Dr. Yuval Steinitz, Minister of National Infrastructures, Energy and Water Resources of Israel will join the Atlantic Council panel on the Eastern Mediterranean at the 23rd World Energy Congress in Istanbul
Sustainable retreat
8 August 2016
The industrial revolution is over and the sustainability revolution has begun. Sustainable development is out and sustainable retreat is in. This changes the game for everyone. Jason Drew, CEO of AgriProtein, explains
Looking ahead to the WEC 2016 World Energy Congress
1 August 2016
Explore the 2016 leading congress destination
WEC Chair Nadeau's invitation
1 August 2016
WEC Chair Nadeau invites the international energy community to the World Energy Congress in Istanbul, October 2016
World energy in 4 minutes
1 August 2016
The WEC addresses the problem of a global energy trilemma
The 23rd World Energy Congress, 2016
21 July 2016
Interest is hotting up for WEC 2016, taking place in Istanbul from 9-13 October. Follow our coverage here
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