Author: Kwok W Wan
US shale oil 'to transform crude markets'
22 February 2012
US shale oil could alter the global crude market, the International Energy Agency (IEA) said, just as shale gas changed the world’s gas markets
Total keen on Kurdistan oil and gas industry – but not yet
21 February 2012
Total said in mid-February that it would like to invest in Kurdistan’s oil and gas industry, indicating that the Iraqi government’s fourth-round licensing terms were not very attractive
Japan’s tough nuclear question after Fukushima
21 February 2012
A year after the Fukushima nuclear disaster, Japan’s atomic future remains in the balance
UK North Sea gas may buck decline trend
8 February 2012
Record investment in UK North Sea gasfields could reverse a decade-long downward production trend, according to consultancy Wood Mackenzie
UK gas panic after freezing weather sparks LNG activity
7 February 2012
UK gas jumps above Russian oil-linked and Asian LNG prices
Russia plays on Europe’s gas-cut fears
6 February 2012
Gazprom reduces gas supply to Europe amid freezing temperatures
A market hungry for US LNG amid price concerns
2 February 2012
Companies are queuing up for potential US LNG exports, but domestic consumers are worried about the impact on Henry Hub gas prices
Oil price falls as supply fears evaporate
20 January 2012
Crude oil prices fell this week on evaporating fears of supply disruption from Iran and Nigeria, although the market was supported by positive Chinese and US economic data
Chipping away at Gazprom’s contracts amid falling demand
19 January 2012
With demand in its largest market declining, Gazprom is making price concessions to its big European gas customers. Will its passion for oil-indexed prices be next to succumb, asks Kwok W Wan
Nigeria’s energy unions cry wolf as markets dismiss threat
17 January 2012
The energy market has grown increasingly dismissive of Nigeria’s oil and gas unions and their seemingly empty threats to shut in the county’s energy exports
LNG market set for Thai demand surprise
12 January 2012
Could the sudden jump in energy demand from Thailand make it the surprise LNG buyer this year?
Strait of Hormuz: the world's LNG choke point
5 January 2012
How, if at all, asks Kwok W Wan, would shutting the Strait of Hormuz affect European gas and Asian LNG prices?
New European LNG route to Asia
5 January 2012
Russia lets first LNG tanker from Norway to Asia through the new Northern Sea Route
Argentina to buy up to 23 spot LNG cargoes in 2012
4 January 2012
State-run energy firm Enarsa rejects high price bid, turns to spot market to make up shortfall
Crude prices rise on unrest in Iraq and Kazakhstan
22 December 2011
Rising tensions risk supply disruption
2011: A year that defied predictions
21 December 2011
Anyone who, a year ago, said 2011 would see civil war in Libya; Muammar Qadhafi toppled and executed; revolutions in Tunisia and Egypt; a revolt in Syria; the quashing of a rebellion in Bahrain by Saudi Arabia; a new nuclear crisis; the near-collapse of the Eurozone; and a renewed pessimism in the global economy should be a candidate for some kind of Nobel prize
BP still under pressure 20 months after Deepwater Horizon
12 December 2011
It’s 20 months since the Deepwater Horizon tragedy. Anthea Pitt and Kwok W Wan ask: has BP really turned the corner?
Slump in gas demand forces oil-link rethink
1 December 2011
With EU gas demand and prices set to fall next year, importers want to renegotiate their long-term contracts. But Gazprom is sitting tight
Iraq’s oil law impasse as ExxonMobil moves into KRG
23 November 2011
Shahristani fumes over ExxonMobil’s KRG fait accompli: Iraqi government seems powerless to act over supermajor’s Kurdistan deal
Brent price swings with eurozone crisis
3 November 2011
Benchmark’s prices bounced between $112/b and $106/b over five trading sessions
No threat from fracking tremors
2 November 2011
Report commissioned by UK firm Cuadrilla
KazMunaiGas EP’s $5 billion spending splash
26 October 2011
Kazakhstan’s KazMunaiGaz Exploration Production (KMG EP) is sitting on a large cash pile and looking for ways to spend it
Putin return will not rock Russian energy policy
19 October 2011
Vladimir Putin’s inevitable return to the top of Russian politics will not alter the country’s energy policy, deputy energy minister Anatoly Yanovsky told yesterday’s International Energy Agency (IEA) ministerial meeting
Japan hints at nuclear restarts after earthquake
19 October 2011
Japan is readying to restart its first nuclear reactors since March’s devastating earthquake, according the economy minister Yukio Edano
Spain’s renewable energy conundrum
19 October 2011
Spain will continue to rely on coal to back up its huge renewable energy programme, although linking the country’s electricity grid to France will also help, the Spanish government said
World needs $38 trillion energy investment
18 October 2011
The world must invest $38 trillion in oil, gas and electricity infrastructure over the next 25 years to stop prices from soaring, the International Energy Agency (IEA) said today. And about half of that will need to be spent in the power sector