Exploration & Production
Arctic investment competition heats up
11 January 2012
Sustained high oil prices and strategic fiscal terms are creating viable upstream openings in the Arctic. Russia is leading the way
Heads roll as Nexen aims to up its game
11 January 2012
Like a struggling hockey team, the front bench of Canada’s Nexen has been shaken up with the surprise resignation of its chief executive and senior vice-president, amid claims of poor operational performance
Talisman cuts capex, ups Eagle Ford spend
11 January 2012
In response to a bearish outlook for US natural gas prices, Talisman has slashed planned spending for 2012, but will still channel funds into unconventional plays
Teck Cominco bulks up on oil sands
10 January 2012
Canada’s largest integrated miner, Teck Cominco, has upped its oil-sands ante with the acquisition of junior partner SilverBirch Energy for C$485 million ($475 million)
Cooper shale gas’s competitive advantage
9 January 2012
Despite concerns about gas demand, international players are taking closer look at Australia’s Cooper-basin shale play
US shale drillers laughing to the bank
6 January 2012
Two huge deals, amounting to over $5 billion, show the US shale-gas revolution is not over yet
Poland urges NOC shale-gas push
5 January 2012
As foreign and domestic companies make shale-gas finds in Poland, the government’s interest in the sector is mounting
China pushes CBM development
5 January 2012
China aims to triple coal-bed methane (CBM) output to 30 billion cubic metres a year (cm/y) in 2015 as part of its latest industrial plan
2012: the year of the oil sands
4 January 2012
With lingering fallout over Canada’s Kyoto rejection and rising confrontation with the oil sands’ legions of opponents, 2012 will be the country’s year of living dangerously
Further delay for Indian shale gas
4 January 2012
India’s first shale-gas auction will be delayed by at least another year
India plots international shale-gas drive
4 January 2012
Unconventional-energy assets, such as oil sands, shale gas and liquids, must be secured to develop a balanced portfolio for India’s ONGC Videsh (OVL), says the company’s new exploration director
Israel oil-shale plans take shape
4 January 2012
Israel Energy Initiatives (IEI), which wants to produce shale oil in Israel’s Valley of Elah, has submitted an updated assessment to the government that it hopes will assuage environmental concerns
Athabasca opens its wallet
22 December 2011
Canada's Athabasca set to begin a suite of thermal oil sands projects
Kearl expansion gets go-ahead
22 December 2011
Canada’s Imperial Oil approves an $8.9 billion expansion of the Kearl Oil Sands Project
EPA fracking report sparks industry row
22 December 2011
EPA study links fracking to groundwater contamination for the first time
Crude prices rise on unrest in Iraq and Kazakhstan
22 December 2011
Rising tensions risk supply disruption
Canada lays down Arctic drilling law
21 December 2011
Canada will allow drilling in its Arctic waters – but with strict restrictions - the country’s National Energy Board (NEB) concluded after a review of offshore drilling safety
Shell makes move on Argentina
21 December 2011
But Fitch warns on regulation
Talisman and San Leon spin Polish bit
21 December 2011
Talisman and San Leon begin drilling the second of three wells, as part of Polish shale-gas exploration programme
China CBM joint venture under way
21 December 2011
The first foreign joint commercial coal-bed methane project is planned in central China's Shanxi province
Keystone XL refuses to die
20 December 2011
Keystone XL becomes an unlikely focal point after American lawmakers tie approval of the $7 billion oil sands pipeline to its deficit debate
China looks west for shale-gas expertise
19 December 2011
PetroChina’s shale-gas success is opening doors for a growing number of US companies
Unconventional response for North American energy markets
15 December 2011
Rising unconventional oil and natural gas production in the US and Canada has altered the global energy balance
Aramco’s unconventional push intensifies
15 December 2011
Plans mooted for a stake in fracking equipment firm Frac Tech Holdings
Alberta formally abandons nuclear plans
15 December 2011
Shale gas boom stops new reactors which had been planned in 2007
China’s trek to shale-gas success
14 December 2011
PetroChina’s recent Sichuan basin discovery sparked hopes the Chinese shale-gas sector could soon rival that in the US. But the unconventional revolution is some way off