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Shake up and share out

If you’re an oil company executive looking to save money at a time of low oil prices and you’ve already pared your margins down to the bone, cooperation – sharing information with your fellow companies – should make a lot of sense

You can learn from each other’s mistakes. If, say, an oil producer and its main contractor cooperate more closely on design from the earliest stages of a project, this will save money further down the line. Who needs a costly project delay or overhaul, if it can be avoided? Better to avoid the wrangles and take the right decisions now. This is obvious stuff, to the point of banality. Company executives have grown fond of touting this approach. Most of the majors now have initiatives to promote a more collaborative spirit. ExxonMobil talks of its “one team” approach, designed to improve cooperation between the operator, contractors and sub-contractors. Others, including GE Oil & Gas, are

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