South & Central America
Tax move by Venezuela's President Hugo Chavez
10 May 2011
Chavez boosts state's take from the oil patch
Pemex bullish as Mexico's upstream opens up
18 April 2011
Interest in the Mexican oil monopoly’s upstream operating contracts looks strong as first bid round date is set
Brazil tightens its grip on Petrobras
30 September 2010
Deep-water specialist Petrobras is now further under the Brazilian government's control, after a high-cost purchase of new oil reserves
Ecuador clashes with foreign oil, again
1 September 2010
Ecuador's uneasy relationship with foreign oil firms has again slipped towards threats and recriminations, complicating the smallest Opec nation's production outlook
New laws place Brazil's oil and gas firmly under state control
1 July 2010
Policy decisions hand Petrobras significant control of Brazil's offshore oil resources, pushing private-sector explorers to look to shallower waters
Venezuela sanctions offshore gas project
4 May 2010
Venezuela's urgent need to exploit its gas resources seems to be outweighing President Hugo Chávez's dislike of Western firms
Venezuela: China secures long-term oil supply, Chávez secures finance
4 May 2010
"CHINA needs energy security and we're here to provide them with all the oil they need," said Venezuela's president Hugo Chávez last month. His country also needs cash. So a new oil-for-loans deal signed with Chinese state-owned China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC) is a good fit
IGU: gas the key to growing energy, climate needs
6 October 2009
The global gas industry is meeting in Buenos Aires to discuss its strategy to deal with climate change and expectations for rising consumption
Fernandez de Kirchner: gas sector vital for recovery
5 October 2009
President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner calls on the gas industry to focus on "the real economy, production and investment"
Made in Brazil
1 October 2009
Pre-salt laws put Petrobras centre stage
1 October 2009
Petrobras says it's capable of developing Brazil's pre-salt oil and gas resources. The government is giving it the chance, writes Tom Nicholls
Price liberalisation spurs gas-drilling activity in Argentina
1 September 2009
A relaxation of wellhead gas-price controls has kick-started gas developments stalled by years of artificially low tariffs and government hostility to the industry, reports Robert Olson
Venezuela's oil revolution is stalling
9 March 2009
Falling oil prices are playing havoc with the ambitions of the world's petro-nationalist countries. Venezuela has some backtracking to do
Bolivia: Cementing new friendships
9 March 2009
President Evo Morales is making some headway with efforts to bolster dwindling foreign investment in the country's energy sector
ExxonMobil bids adiós
1 December 2008
As investment conditions worsen, private-sector oil companies are pulling out of Latin America. ExxonMobil is leading the way
Petrobras' pre-salt plans under threat
25 November 2008
The financial crisis is threatening Petrobras' plans to fast-track pre-salt reserves development, offering opportunities for foreign firms. China's CNOOC is among the interested investors, writes Robert Cauclanis
Cuba claims oil jackpot
1 November 2008
Brazil: Increased state control could deter investment
1 October 2008
PETROBRAS made a second discovery in the Santos basin's BM-S-11 block, offshore Rio de Janeiro, in September, writes Robert Cauclanis. The Iara field, the operator claims, holds 3bn-4bn barrels of recoverable reserves, of mostly light oil. The block's other discovery is the 5bn-8bn barrels of oil equivalent (boe) Tupi discovery.
Petrobras on top
1 July 2008
PdV has long been Latin America's pre-eminent oil company. But it is losing ground to Petrobras, writes Robert Cauclanis
Out with the old ...
1 March 2008
Venezuela's national oil company, PdV, needs investment partners for its ambitious projects in the country's Orinoco heavy-oil belt. China's state-owned CNPC may be among them, writes Robert Cauclanis
Energy reform takes another radical twist
1 March 2007
As he starts a new, six-year term, President Hugo Chávez has promised further nationalisation measures. Foreign companies face an uncertain future, reports Robert Cauclanis from Caracas