South & Central America
Petrobras on top
1 July 2008
PdV has long been Latin America's pre-eminent oil company. But it is losing ground to Petrobras, writes Robert Cauclanis
Out with the old ...
1 March 2008
Venezuela's national oil company, PdV, needs investment partners for its ambitious projects in the country's Orinoco heavy-oil belt. China's state-owned CNPC may be among them, writes Robert Cauclanis
Energy reform takes another radical twist
1 March 2007
As he starts a new, six-year term, President Hugo Chávez has promised further nationalisation measures. Foreign companies face an uncertain future, reports Robert Cauclanis from Caracas
Argentine reform moves slowly
1 January 2007
For an economy that has recently been growing at 9% a year, it is remarkable how little energy investment has been made in the country, writes Robert Cauclanis
Bolivia faces gas shortfall
1 November 2006
Bolivia turns screw on Brazil
1 August 2006
Argentina has agreed to increase the price it pays Bolivia for gas supplies. That will put more pressure on Brazil to agree to new terms, writes Robert Cauclanis
Chinese takeaway
31 May 2006
Evo sticks to his word
31 May 2006
The government's decision to nationalise Bolivia's hydrocarbon's industry means the country's national treasure is likely to remain buried, writes Robert Cauclanis
Awaiting policy decisions
1 April 2006
Bolivia's new government is still trying to work out how to implement its promise to nationalise the gas sector. But, amid growing demand from its neighbours for its gas, a full nationalisation looks neither in the country's interests nor feasible, reports Robert Olson
Chávez triumphant
1 March 2006
Foreign oil companies that invested over $10bn in 32 field-operating contracts in the country during the apertura petrolera have meekly acquiesced to the forced migration to tough new terms. The next target could be four massive synthetic-oil projects, as Venezuela tightens its grip on the oil and gas sector, writes Robert Olson
Reserves mess adds urgency to the need for reform
1 March 2006
Repsol YPF's reserves write-downs in South America are not just a disaster for the company. Unless the region's governments take action, the reliability of natural gas supplies across the continent could be under serious threat. Robert Olson writes
PdV: 'appendix of the revolution'
1 January 2006
Former Petróleos de Venezuela (PdV) chairman and chief executive, Luis Giusti, on Venezuela's falling oil production, the threat to the apertura process, and Chávista politics. Interview by Ayesha Daya
Politics stall proposals
1 January 2006
Latin American governments have announced a number of pipeline mega-projects in recent months, but the region's politics continue to be the biggest obstacle to project development, reports Robert Olson
Industry reform continues, but at snail's pace
1 November 2005
Foreign investment in the energy sector of most Latin American countries is dropping, even as it soars in the rest of the world. The region cannot afford such a slow-down, writes Robert Olsen