South & Central America
Reshuffle pushes Ramirez out of PdV leadership
11 September 2014
Rafael Ramirez no longer head of PdV or minister for petroleum and mining, after a cabinet reshuffle
Mexico opens up shale patch for first time in 76 years
21 August 2014
Reforms to the investment regime should lure developers. Obstacles remain, from land rights to water and the north’s drug cartels
Brazil's gas prospects fade as import dependence continues
22 July 2014
Facing an increasingly costly import dependence its time the country re-thinks its strategy
Repsol's next steps after YPF compensation deal
30 May 2014
The two companies have reached a compensation deal over the nationalisation of YPF
Rebel attacks hit Colombian oil output
22 May 2014
Major improvements have been made, but security issues still bedevil the industry
China builds Caribbean energy ties in upstream, LNG and refining
24 April 2014
In recent years, the country has been boosting its presence in the region although its steps remain cautious
Opportunities for the Caribbean to clean up energy usage
24 April 2014
Oil dependency in the region is costly and dirty. Jeremy Martin and Alexis Arthur say the Caribbean must begin shifting fuel
Caribbean refiners under heavy pressure
24 April 2014
The economic model behind the region’s processing plants is coming under severe strain
PetroCaribe under threat as Venezuela economy struggles
24 April 2014
Venezuela’s crumbling economy could leave the Caribbean’s PetroCaribe members exposed
Trinidad and Tobago needs new markets and production
24 April 2014
With the loss of the US as its major market, the island nation needs a new growth strategy
Opportunities and challenges face a changing Caribbean
24 April 2014
The Caribbean energy landscape is shifting, posing some problems but offering many opportunities too
Venezuela’s gas ambitions thwarted as developments struggle
24 April 2014
Venezuela has the potential to become a major natural gas player, but it is struggling to develop its huge offshore reserves
Tensions rise in Venezuela as protests continue
14 March 2014
A year after the death of Hugo Chávez, the movement he left behind is fighting for its survival without its comandante
Venezuela's Orinoco belt developments moving slowly
24 January 2014
New development of Venezuela’s vast heavy oil belt is moving like treacle
Opportunities as Vaca Muerta shows signs of life
24 January 2014
An end to the battle between Repsol and Argentina should spur development in one of the world's biggest shale oil plays
Peru plans Petroperú share sale to raise money for refinery
9 January 2014
Almost half of Petroperú's shares will go on the stock market
Crisis in Caracas as Venezuela's economy falters
29 November 2013
What do you do if you’re the leader of a country facing rampant inflation, shortages of basic goods such as milk and toilet paper, a dollar shortage and sinking popularity that threatens to drag down your party in upcoming local elections?
Brazil’s needs to invest $1 trillion to realise deep-water plans
13 November 2013
The country has drawn up plans to transform its energy sector, but serious investment is needed, says the IEA
Age of the independents for Latin America's energy sector
12 November 2013
Brazilian firm OGX's collapse into bankruptcy highlights the risks smaller companies face in Latin America's energy sector. But, as Justin Jacobs finds out, independent players can thrive in the region
Nationalisations return to Venezuela's oil industry
5 November 2013
Under late president Hugo Chávez, nationalisations were commonplace in Venezuela's oil patch. One of the most pressing questions facing investors since Nicolas Maduro, Chávez's hand-picked successor, won the presidency earlier this year has been whether he would continue the policy or seek to shape a more investor-friendly climate
Latin America struggles with energy integration
15 October 2013
Though the continent has plenty of energy resources, integrating them into a trans-continental energy network remains an elusive goal for the region’s governments
Changes for Ecuador's oil companies as China brings help
23 August 2013
Ecuador's state oil companies have restructured, there's new acreage, and China is bringing much needed funding
PdV: still struggling amid political changes
23 August 2013
Venezuela's state firm controls one of the world's biggest oil resources. Hamstrung by politics, it has failed to capitalise on it
Ecuador abandons deal to keep Amazon oil in the ground
20 August 2013
Ecuador’s president Rafael Correa said this week that his government is pulling out of a deal to keep oilfields in an environmentally sensitive swathe of the Amazon untouched
Argentina offers new shale investment incentives
16 July 2013
Cristina Fernández de Kirchner’s government has made a fresh bid to lure investment into its ailing oil and gas sector, writes Justin Jacobs
Trinidad and Tobago pins hopes on deep waters
1 July 2013
After years of frustration, new fiscal incentives and the latest licensing rounds has sparked fresh interest in deep-water exploration