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Bolivia’s fight for the sea will impact energy sector

Bolivia's case against Chile at the UN's International Court of Justice to reclaim sovereign access to the sea has important implications for the Latin American gas trade and Bolivia’s energy sector

Bolivians have never given up hope of one day reclaiming their coastline, which was lost to neighbouring Chile after its defeat in the War of the Pacific more than a century ago. Every March, Bolivians celebrate Dia del Mar, the Day of the Sea. Landlocked Bolivia even continues to maintain a small navy, though it is mostly confined to patrolling Lake Titicaca. The latest chapter in Bolivia’s long quest to reclaim sovereign access to the sea started late last month when the government filed a case in the International Court of Justice (ICJ) against Chile. The suit claims that a 1904 peace treaty signed by the countries, in which Chile agreed to lease Bolivia access to its ports but solidifie

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