North America
China and Canada building bridges
28 October 2010
Canada is under mounting pressure to decide how far it will allow foreign state ownership of natural resources
Worried, big oil fights back
30 September 2010
The US oil and gas industry's leading trade association has launched a powerful campaign aimed at mobilising Americans to oppose legislation it says would hinder economic growth, cost jobs and erode energy security
Who's who in the congressional climate-change battle
1 September 2010
THE US' debate over GHG emissions has become as heated as the effect of those emissions on the earth's air and oceans. Emotions have been running high as fierce advocates of both sides of the issue take their battle to the House and Senate floor
US Congress looks at spill-liability limits
1 September 2010
COSTS associated with BP's massive oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico have already risen to more than $6bn, including over $300m to compensate people and businesses adversely affected by the incident
United States: Obama misses opportunity on climate change
1 July 2010
PRESIDENT Barack Obama addressed the US from the Oval Office last month, intending to reframe the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico in terms of a push for legislation on climate change. He failed
Gulf oil slick: A potential boon for Canada
1 July 2010
A ban on drilling offshore the US and the likely stiffer regulation on oil and gas companies to come should mean a greater reliance on Canadian energy
US: Impact of BP's slick spreads to the authorities
3 June 2010
The Minerals Management Service (MMS), the body blamed for ineffectual oversight of deep-water drilling in the Gulf, is to break up
United States: Obama reveals offshore development strategy
4 May 2010
THE LONG-awaited strategy for energy exploration and development in US coastal waters is a comprehensive plan that Interior Department secretary Ken Salazar hailed as "a new direction" for the Outer Continental Shelf (OCS)
Unites States: EPA expands greenhouse-gas reporting rule
4 May 2010
The proposal would cover all production, transmission, processing and other facilities that produce at least 25,000 tonnes of CO2-equivalent of fugitive and vented emissions each year. Companies would begin collecting data on 1 January 2011, and would submit reports each year, beginning 13 March 2012
We must change: Alberta's peace overture to energy sector
6 April 2010
The long-awaited competitiveness review of Alberta's oil and gas royalty rates offers a new tone, but the details are still obscure
We've lagged behind the US and now we need to catch up, says Capp
6 April 2010
The Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers says changes to Alberta's oil and gas royalty system are needed to encourage investment
Finding gives US EPA power to regulate greenhouse-gas emissions
1 February 2010
The US government has authorised itself to regulate greenhouse-gas emissions, with potentially costly consequences for the oil and power sectors
SEC oil reserves-reporting changes: now for the fun part
4 January 2010
The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) last month introduced updated guidelines for its system for oil and gas reserves-evaluation, the most commonly used accounting standard
Canada's climate-change wait
4 January 2010
Forget Copenhagen. The climate-change decisions that will affect Canada's oil and gas industries will come from another capital – and it isn't Ottawa, writes Derek Brower
The emerging energy superpower
1 September 2009
Canada's oil and gas industry is surviving the economic downturn. The boom times may be over, but stories of a bust are wide of the mark
Obama set to reinvigorate climate-change talks
25 November 2008
Under Barack Obama, the US will introduce its own cap-and-trade greenhouse-gas emissions scheme and take centre stage in international climate talks, writes Tom Nicholls
Tide could be turning for troubled US ethanol industry
25 November 2008
Volatile corn and ethanol prices have hit industry profits, but the election of Barack Obama could bring a reversal of fortunes, writes Anne Feltus
Confusion reigns over energy policy
1 November 2008
October's federal election barely changed the balance of power, but the Conservative party's energy plans face growing opposition, writes WJ Simpson
Testing times for Alberta's oil sands
1 November 2008
With project costs rising and credit hard to secure, forecasts for oil-sands production are being scaled back, writes WJ Simpson
US GOM: Rig market stalls development
1 October 2008
Despite a rush to build new vessels, a lack of ultra-deep-water drilling units will hinder GOM development for at least four years, writes Anne Feltus