North America
New wave for Mexican oil
23 November 2016
The reforms have been successful so far, but must be consolidated in 2017
Oil markets shrug at Trump election win
15 November 2016
While equity markets around the globe were rattled by the news of a Trump win, crude futures were unfazed
An oil industry between two fires
2 November 2016
Politicking between two US presidential candidates has never been so colourful. As the election approaches and the polls swing back and forth, neither Trump nor Clinton have offered the oil industry what it needs
Clock ticks on Canada's pipeline debate
14 September 2016
The oil sands need new outlets to grow. Will it get them?
Trudeau in a tight spot
8 July 2016
The oil sands pipeline debate is rearing its head again, making things awkward for Canada’s new prime minister
La Niña: betting on the weather
29 June 2016
US gas prices have perked up. Will the rally last or is the market setting itself up for another fall?
Between a rock and a hairpiece
13 April 2016
America’s oil industry sees no love in Hillary Clinton’s green agenda but fears Trump’s populist bluster
Crude sneezes, the economy catches cold
24 March 2016
The benefits of diversification have long been preached by financiers and economists. Those countries too reliant on one industry naturally feel the pain of a limited portfolio. Canada is learning a stern lesson in overdependence
Mexico energy liberalisation pushes on
9 March 2016
Despite the downturn, Mexico is pressing ahead with plans to open its energy sector
American spirit
7 March 2016
A controversial genius, consummate risk-taker and pioneer of the US shale patch, Aubrey McClendon, died on 2 March
Canada looks to reset strained US ties with energy pact
12 February 2016
Canada’s new prime minister, Justin Trudeau, wants his ‘bromance’ with Obama to yield some concessions on energy
Canada's oil sands get a tax reprieve
8 February 2016
The slump in crude prices has nixed Alberta's plans to raise royalties. The province retains its generous investment regime
Alberta feels the pain
20 January 2016
Home to the marginal barrel, Canada’s energy patch is hurting from the price collapse. But oil sands output is still rising and resistance is building
"The US is now our competitor"
18 January 2016
Margaret McCuaig-Boyd has one of the toughest jobs in global oil - reviving Alberta's oil sector in the face of wilting prices and persistent opposition. In an exclusive interview, Shaun Polczer meets the province's energy minister
Congress to lift US ban on oil exports
17 December 2015
Lifting crude export restrictions will have little effect in today’s low-price environment
US exports rise after surge in oil and gas production
17 December 2015
The increase in US oil and gas production will be felt in nearly every corner of the global energy market for years to come
Chevron cuts spending by 24% as Big Oil feels the pinch
10 December 2015
US supermajor Chevron will slash investment in 2016 as the oil price rout continues, announcing on Wednesday a reduction in spending to $26.6bn next year
Obama calls off the Keystone XL project
10 November 2015
After seven years, the Keystone XL project has been called off by President Obama, surprising few
US budget deal to sell 8% of Strategic Petroleum Reserve
28 October 2015
A budget deal struck by US House Republicans and the White House would see millions of barrels of crude from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR) sold
Election result shifts Canada to the left
21 October 2015
Justin Trudeau led his Liberal Party to a surprisingly strong victory in Canada’s national election on 19 October, ending the Conservative Party’s decade in power
Mexico finds success in second oil auction
8 October 2015
After a disappointing first auction, Mexico’s historic oil opening regained momentum with a successful second bid round on 30 September
Clinton voices opposition to the Keystone pipeline
30 September 2015
Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton put energy issues front and centre on the campaign trail in September
What's behind the low US natural gas prices?
21 September 2015
Demand has increased this year, but it is nowhere near large enough to soak up the extra supplies - instead the storage keeps filling up and the output keeps growing
New risks squeeze Alberta’s oil sands
17 August 2015
Canada's oil sands face collapsing oil prices, limited export routes and higher taxes
Momentum builds for end to US oil export ban
5 August 2015
A deal that would lift export restrictions is possible later this year as debate over crude export restrictions heats up
Obama’s aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 32%
5 August 2015
As part of the Clean Power Plan, Obama aims to reduce the gas emissions by 2030