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What the spill commission didn't say about Deepwater Horizon

Obama's White House has failed to deliver the energy-policy reform the US needs

"The Gulf air was warm and the water calm as glass. Beyond the glare of the rig's lights, the night sky glimmered with stars." Later: "Winslow decided it was a good moment to go grab a quick cup of coffee and a smoke. He walked down to the rig's smoking area, poured some coffee and lit his cigarette." Step forward Bob Graham, William Reilly, the five other members of the panel and their ghost writers. In just eight months, they wrote what is surely the definitive account of the Gulf of Mexico (GoM) and last year's fatal Deepwater Horizon accident. It's no mere report, either. Purple prose abounds. The research was exhaustive. Readers get a Bob Woodward-style treatment of who was aboard, wha

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