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What's driving the US?

Americans' taste in motor vehicles are changing in response to high oil prices and climate change, writes Anne Feltus

AMERICANS love their cars. According to the UN, the US has more passenger cars per capita than any other country. In fact, the country has more cars than drivers who are licensed to operate them. Americans love their trucks, too. Since the start of the decade, sales of pick-up trucks have consistently outpaced those of passenger cars and, for more than 25 years, the Ford F-series full-size pick-up trucks have ranked as the top-selling vehicles in the nation by a significant margin. But with gasoline prices close to their highest levels ever, the love affair is starting to turn sour. The number of cars and light trucks sold in the US fell from 16.5m in 2006 to about 15.9m in 2007. Sales of f

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