Middle East
Those touchy allies
1 November 2000
Hope springs eternal
1 August 2000
Despite the persistence of sanctions, Iraq appears confident that it will be able to resume its position as one of the world’s major oil-producing nations and has already drawn up plans for the day when the embargo is lifted.
No end in sight
1 August 2000
While sanctions continue to cripple the Iraqi economy, they appear to be failing in their stated aim of forcing the removal of the current regime. As time goes on the humanitarian issues are becoming more dominant and the debate about the impact of sanctions more clouded.
Irreconcilable differences
1 July 2000
The fortunes of the mineral wealth of the Caspian Sea and surrounding countries have always been as much about politics as markets and this is as true today as it was 100 years ago, when oil was first found in Baku. Now, despite hopes for rapprochement between the US and Iran, it appears that the fortunes and future wealth of the Caspian nations will very much still be a part of international diplomacy.
A state of disrepair
1 May 2000
Iraq’s plans to significantly increase crude output over the next few months must be taken with a pinch of salt if the latest UN report on the state of the country’s oil industry is anything to go by.
Kurdistan unhappy as Baghdad opens upstream
30 December 1998
THE IRAQI oil ministry opened six oilfields to foreign companies yesterday in an attempt to boost production to 4.5m b/d by 2013. The announcement will trigger a rush of bidding by companies eager to tap the world's third largest oil reserves. The ministry also hopes soon to sign short-term agreements with a handful of majors in the interim in an effort quickly to increase production by 0.5m b/d.