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Saudi Arabia gets a new next king

Mohammed bin Salman will have a free hand as the next Saudi king but faces formidable domestic and regional hurdles. Oil policy is one

Speculation about the succession has for years been a juicy subject of Saudi gossip. Now Saudis need to find something else to talk about. They face the unprecedented prospect in the not-too-distant future of a man in his early thirties becoming king. This means that when Mohammed bin Salman, who was elevated to the position of crown prince in June, ascends to the throne he could remain there for three or four decades. This is a giant move away from the tradition of old men stepping into the shoes of other old men. Some analysts expected the news, announced on 21 June, to bring an oil-price rally. But markets were subdued. MbS, as he's widely known, is already in charge of oil policy—his e

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