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Qatar keeps calm, carries on

The crisis is hurting the GCC as a whole, economically and politically, while the targeted country is hanging on

The first time you see the picture, if you arrive in Doha by air, it's lit up in glass panels above each booth at passport control. The image is black-and-white—giving the appearance of a stenciled drawing—of the Emir of Qatar, Shaikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani. He looks calm but resolute. Underneath, the slogan in Arabic reads 'Tamim the magnificent'. Thereafter, you see the same image all over Doha, sometimes tiny above the lift buttons in office blocks, other times covering the whole side of a high-rise building. This public display of admiration for Sheikh Tamim, Qataris and long-term expatriates said, reflects genuine feelings of support for the way in which the country's leader has hand

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