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EXCLUSIVE: Qadhafi sourcing fuel from Turkey and Italy

Italian and Turkish fuel is still being shipped to government-controlled western Libya, providing Muammar Qadhafi's regime with fuel to sustain its war effort against rebels in the east

THE SALES are not illegal under the sanctions regimes imposed by Western governments against the Qadhafi regime. But moves are afoot within the EU to tighten sanctions to stop the sale of refined products to Libya. A 15,000 tonne cargo of fuel shipped from Italy to the Qadhafi regime is due in Tripoli imminently and a second 42,000 tonne cargo is thought to have left Turkey last night, a senior source in the rebel government, the Transitional National Council (TNC), told Petroleum Economist on 17 May. Petroleum Economist confirmed, using AIS ship tracking data, that the destination of the second vessel, Cartagena, is Zawiyah, the sole operating refinery in Qadhafi-held territory. A UK gove

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