Lessons learned
1 June 2004
A new book, The Fundamentals of Energy Infrastructure Security: Risk Mitigation in the International Environment, examines past and present threats to the energy industry from terrorism, low-intensity conflict and war, and provides a guide to effective risk-mitigation techniques for energy companies operating in difficult security environments. Pooling information from the world's trouble spots could significantly enhance the ability of companies to make accurate threat assessments, optimise security planning and protect facilities more effectively, says Paul Hueper, the book's author
Atmospheric pressure
1 December 2003
Pressure on oil and gas firms to comply with climate-change legislation is growing and the ability to respond may soon mark the difference between success and failure. Kirsty Hamilton reports
Thirty years on
1 November 2003
A steadying influence in uncertain times
1 August 2003
Since its creation, in 1974, the IEA has sought to protect the security of energy supply to its member countries. Claude Mandil, the organisation’s recently appointed executive director, spoke to Helen Avati recently about security of oil supply, strategic oil stocks, energy investment and the organisation’s relationships with Opec and the EU
Emissions trading and the green generation
1 July 2003
While the European politicians continue to debate the mechanics of complying with emissions-reduction targets under the Kyoto Protocol, a market in European emissions has already started to trade. Liz Bossley looks at its development