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Make-or-break time for UK shale gas, says MP
26 March 2014
Factors in the next 12-18 months will be crucial for UK shale gas, including the election, Russian sanctions and the latest licensing round
UK budget freezes carbon tax to cut energy bills
24 March 2014
In the 2014 UK budget announcement, George Osborne said that tax on carbon would not increase from 2016 to 2020
Crude price falls despite rising Russia tension over Crimea
18 March 2014
The EU has imposed travel bans and asset freezes against Russian and Ukrainian officials
Committee warns UK of low-carbon investment shortage
13 March 2014
A parliamentary committee which audits energy policy has issued a stern warning
Europe's energy security solution is not the US
10 March 2014
Ignore the pundits and their answer to the Putin problem - the solution to the EU's energy security worries lie in Europe, not the US
Earthquakes force cut in Netherlands' gas production
5 February 2014
The Netherlands' government has imposed a sharp cut in production from the country's largest gasfield, and has set aside a fund to compensate property-owners, after an increase in earthquake activity
Calls for Europe to make coal less competitive
30 January 2014
Europe must do more to cut coal out of the continent's energy mix to reduce its carbon emissions, gas industry leaders said
Lacklustre response to EU's low carbon policy
27 January 2014
The policy, which will aim to cut emissions by 40%, has been called "toothless" by Greenpeace
Politics thwarting Europe's unconventional oil
24 January 2014
The continent has indigenous reserves to exploit. But it also has a lot of opposition to overcome
The UK holds European hope for shale gas development
20 January 2014
With exploration stalled in mainland Europe, the UK government's unconventionals push has opened a new frontier for investors and E&P companies alike
Michael Fallon is optimistic about the UK shale industry
11 December 2013
Michael Fallon is bullish about the prospects for Britain's shale-gas sector. And, as he tells Conal Urquhart, while there's a lot of work to be done, the rewards will make the effort worthwhile
Turkey hopes shale gas will plug its energy deficit
5 December 2013
Promising shale deposits could help lessen the country's dependence on gas imports
European governments hesitant to allow fracking
5 December 2013
Despite their struggling economies, some European governments are hesitant about shale gas development
EU must reform Emissions Trading Scheme to boost gas industry
13 November 2013
The European Union (EU) must reform the Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) to boost natural gas demand and push coal out of the continent's energy mix, industry leaders say
Spain pushes ahead with fracking law
31 October 2013
The country has amended its oil-exploration law to include guidelines for hydraulic fracturing (fracking) in a signal it will support shale-gas development
Fracking poses little health risk to UK public, says report
31 October 2013
Shale-gas development poses little risk to public health, according to a new report by the UK government
Merkel election win signals an energy policy rethink
21 October 2013
Germany's renewable energy policy has pushed up consumer bills, but carbon emissions have also increased over recent years
European energy policy a failure, says GDF Suez CEO
17 October 2013
GDF Suez’s Mestrallet hits out in speech to WEC 2013
Turkey key to Cyprus gas development
17 October 2013
Turkish deputy energy minister believes East Mediterranean gas finds will help forge closer bonds
Energy efficiency key to tackling global trilemma, says WEC
17 October 2013
Improving energy efficiency is the key to balancing increasing global energy demand in an environmentally sustainable way
Policy shifts hinder EU integrated network plan
17 October 2013
Recent policy shifts implemented by a number of European Union (EU) member states have cast doubt on the bloc’s plan to integrate its gas and power networks into a common energy market by the end of next year
Croatia issues extradition request for head of MOL Group
4 October 2013
The Hungarian government has criticised Croatia over tactics used
UK government calls for caution around shale gas development
12 September 2013
Ed Davey tells the country that shale gas is no silver bullet, but unconventional fuel will be key to Britain's energy security
UK protests are about fears over the future
29 August 2013
Concerns over the future of renewable energy and unconventionals fuel protests
Hopes are high for Cyprus' NOC despite financial crisis
23 August 2013
CNHC, the world’s youngest NOC, wants to turn Cyprus into a world-class natural gas hub
Turkey's state firms TPAO and Botas seek opportunities abroad
23 August 2013
With an energy-hungry domestic market to feed, TPAO and Botas see opportunities abroad, especially in Iraq