Europe & Eurasia
US offers to mediate in INA-MOL dispute
20 October 2014
There have been five failed attempts at negotiations over the past 13 months between the Hungarian firm and Croatian authorities
Ukraine must be bold to stimulate growth in the gas sector
20 October 2014
There is great potential still in the country’s gas sector, but Kiev must be bold if it wants to attract the investment – and players – it so desperately needs
Scotland's no vote ushers in UK Continental Shelf overhaul
23 September 2014
The referendum may have kept Scotland in the UK, however there are many issues still to be resolved
President Putin opens RusVinyl PVC plant
22 September 2014
The plant took four years to build and $1.7bn investment to make it the largest PVC producer in Russia
Uncertainties face the UK if Scotland says yes to independence
17 September 2014
Mayer Brown looks at some of the possible implications of Scottish independence on the energy sector
Russia and Iran sign 5 year deal for oil cooperation
21 August 2014
The proposed crude deal between Russia and Iran will complicate their relations with the West, argues Anthony Woolich, a partner at law firm Holman Fenwick Willan
UK predicted to emerge as Europe's shale gas leader
21 August 2014
Promising reserves numbers and juicy terms have lured developers. But prospectors must overcome a number of hurdles before exploration begins in earnest
Shale gas development a priority for UK government
18 August 2014
Promising reserves combined with increased tightening on carbon emissions mean the move to shale gas seems logical
UK's cities the key to clean energy growth
17 July 2014
The UK's cities are the key to decarbonising the country's energy mix and transitioning to locally-produced power, a new study says
Industry welcomes UK North Sea tax review
14 July 2014
The government has launched a 12 week consultation period on oil and gas tax rates
Imports to supply 90% of UK gas if investment is not made
11 July 2014
UK gas dependency will soar without shale investment, says a new report
Germany proposes partial fracking ban for seven years
9 July 2014
The environment minister cited the protection of drinking water and health as a high priority
Croatia resumes hostilities with Hungary over INA
24 June 2014
Authorities in Zagreb say they will try MOL CEO in absentia on bribery charges
Bulgaria halts South Stream construction following EC request
10 June 2014
The European Commission argued that Bulgaria had not complied with EU market rules in the construction contracts
Novatek growth threatened by sanctions
6 June 2014
The company is experiencing growing pains as it seeks to challenge Gazprom
UK plans to lure shale developers with trespass law
5 June 2014
The UK is poised to reform trespass laws, so onshore oil, gas and geothermal producers will be able to drill under privately-owned land without first seeking consent of the landowner
No danger of UK gas shortages says report
3 June 2014
Two months on from Russia's annexation of Crimea, Europe's largest energy exporter is showing no signs it intends to cut gas supplies to the continent
Novatek hopes to tough out Ukraine related sanctions
30 May 2014
Russia’s largest independent gas producer still has bold plans for expansion
Gazprom takes steps to mitigate possible Western sanctions
30 May 2014
Western sanctions haven’t targeted Russia’s gas champion – yet. But other forces are bearing down on the company
South Stream pushes into troubled waters after shelved talks
30 May 2014
Deterioration in relations between the West and Russia could still stymie Gazprom’s major export project, although the partners are moving ahead with development
Calls for Europe to reduce reliance on Russian gas
30 May 2014
With EU aims of cutting greenhouse has, questions have been raised about whether the countries can survive without one another
More Western sanctions target Russia over Ukraine
30 May 2014
Sanctions targeting key members of Putin’s inner circle are having an effect – but not necessarily the one intended
Russia needs investment as the economy struggles
30 May 2014
To build on recent success in its energy sector, the country needs more Western capital and technology. Vladimir Putin is putting that in jeopardy
Brent falls as Ukraine election tensions ease
27 May 2014
Poroshenko promised to bring peace to a united Ukraine after winning over half of the vote
Higher energy bills for an independent Scotland
12 April 2014
A UK government report says independence for Scotland - on which the Scottish will vote in September - will raise gas and electricity bills for Scottish households and industry
UK energy output hits new low as net imports soar
28 March 2014
Total energy output fell by 7%, and net energy-import dependency soared to 47%