Europe & Eurasia
Russia and China strengthen energy ties
4 September 2015
Two agreements signed in Beijing 3 September serve to strengthen energy ties
Russian oil hit by sanctions and low prices
17 August 2015
Oil in Russia is being squeezed at both ends
UK enforces faster shale applications
13 August 2015
Planning applications for shale gas will be fast-tracked due to new measures announced on 13 August
Ukraine tenders for summer gas
10 August 2015
The country is tendering for supplies worth up to $300m for delivery this summer
Oil & Gas Authority sets out its aims
7 August 2015
The newly-created Oil & Gas Authority will oversee the operations of UK North Sea producers as the province moves into a period of deeper decline. Petroleum Economist asks how it will achieve this
Kiev and Privat struggle for Ukrnafta
23 July 2015
Ukraine's biggest crude and second biggest gas producer is in popular demand from the government and financial company Privat Group
Netherlands lowers Groningen output further
16 July 2015
The government has cut production to curb damage to the region's buildings
Russia’s aversion to Opec output cuts
8 May 2015
Though the country has suffered from the downturn they will not agree to change their policy
UK producers offered support worth $1.9bn by the government
18 March 2015
The measures should result in higher production and lower tax for the industry
UK shale sector could face tighter regulations
28 January 2015
Regulations have stalled the industry, but companies are trying to prove hydraulic fracturing's worth
Uzbekistan bets on China as prime export market
12 December 2014
A difficult investment and political climate has held back Western investors
Azerbaijan hopes for gas sector to boost economy
11 December 2014
As oil output falls, the country wants its gas sector to play a bigger part in the economy
Politics weigh on regional pipeline projects in Eurasia
11 December 2014
Central Asia is not yet the solution for Europe’s energy diversification needs, especially as connections to China expand
Turkmenistan the dominant regional gas player
11 December 2014
While the country’s natural gas business continues to thrive, the oil sector is trailing distantly behind
Problems for Kazakhstan at the country's biggest field
11 December 2014
Kazakhstan’s biggest field has been an expensive flop. It is a problem for the country. Can Kashagan recover?
Kazakhstan tries to revive its flagging upstream
11 December 2014
Slower economic growth and an array of problems in the oil sector are prompting the government to make changes
Ukraine crisis threatens Moscow's relations with Astana
11 December 2014
With its own sizeable ethnic Russian minority, Kazakhstan has watched the Kremlin's meddling in east Ukraine with a growing sense of dread
Kashagan should not become a symbol for Asian oil
11 December 2014
Central Asia’s oil and gas are crucial to global energy balances, but the region is facing some lean years
Europe sets 40% emissions reduction target
31 October 2014
The European Commission set the target ahead of next year's Paris climate talks
Lukoil’s Romanian operations under threat
20 October 2014
Authorities ordered the Petrotel oil refinery to stop production to investigate money laundering
US offers to mediate in INA-MOL dispute
20 October 2014
There have been five failed attempts at negotiations over the past 13 months between the Hungarian firm and Croatian authorities
Ukraine must be bold to stimulate growth in the gas sector
20 October 2014
There is great potential still in the country’s gas sector, but Kiev must be bold if it wants to attract the investment – and players – it so desperately needs
Scotland's no vote ushers in UK Continental Shelf overhaul
23 September 2014
The referendum may have kept Scotland in the UK, however there are many issues still to be resolved
President Putin opens RusVinyl PVC plant
22 September 2014
The plant took four years to build and $1.7bn investment to make it the largest PVC producer in Russia
Uncertainties face the UK if Scotland says yes to independence
17 September 2014
Mayer Brown looks at some of the possible implications of Scottish independence on the energy sector
Russia and Iran sign 5 year deal for oil cooperation
21 August 2014
The proposed crude deal between Russia and Iran will complicate their relations with the West, argues Anthony Woolich, a partner at law firm Holman Fenwick Willan