Europe & Eurasia
Bad old days
1 January 2005
Production boom tailing off
1 January 2005
High world prices have encouraged an oil boom in Russia, where production is rising faster than predicted in the country's energy strategy 2020, published in August 2003. But signs are that, although output will continue to rise, growth will slow over the coming few years. And although Russia will continue to pump more oil onto world markets, its ability to undercut international prices will be limited, Isabel Gorst reports
Birth of a giant
1 January 2005
The creation of a new, giant state-owned oil and gas entity marks a major shake-up in the structure of the Russian oil sector, which since the mid-1990s has been predominantly in private hands. And the new entity has already set its sights on growth - first stop, Yuganskneftegaz, writes Isabel Gorst
Plan C
1 October 2004
Transit Protocol progress
1 July 2004
Bilateral negotiations between Russia and the EU over Russia's accession to the WTO took place in Moscow in May. The energy agenda between the two parties was, as always, at the top of the list, writes Andrei Konoplyanik, deputy secretary-general, Energy Charter Secretariat
A question of interpretation
1 July 2004
Uncertainty about incoming EU energy-market regulation could discourage essential investment in gas infrastructure, limiting competition and pushing up prices, writes Gavin Watson, senior lawyer, global projects, King & Spalding International
Too big for your boots
1 July 2004
Bankruptcy of Yukos is not in the interests of the Russian government, the company's shareholders, management or the international banking community. But the destruction of Russia's biggest oil company continues relentlessly. Isabel Gorst reports
Azerbaijan and Georgia walk Russian tightrope
1 April 2004
The new presidents of Azerbaijan and Georgia made state visits to Russia in February, during which both made strenuous efforts to improve the often-strained relations with their prickly neighbour. NJ Watson reports
Ukraine: finding a balance
1 April 2004
The decision to side with the US over oil flows through the Odessa-Brody pipeline hints at moves to appease the West. But political gamesmanship could yet swing the balance of favour back to Russia, writes NJ Watson
EU: Commission takes a back seat on electricity supply security
1 February 2004
The main topic on the energy agenda of the European Union (EU) in coming months will be security of electricity supply and infrastructure investments
Unipetrol tries again
1 November 2003
Bold new production strategy
1 November 2003
The country has again appealed for international investors to help realise its upstream potential. The country’s minister of oil and gas industry and mineral resources, Tachberdy Tagiyev, spoke to Derek Brower about his targets and plans for the industry