Europe & Eurasia
That was the year that was
1 January 2006
With the Kremlin unflinchingly pursuing its aim of reasserting state control over Russia's energy sector, 2005 will prove to have been a decisive year in the history of the Russian oil and gas business. Isabel Gorst assesses events shaping the sector
The money gap
1 January 2006
Russia's energy sector needs large investments over the next 20-30 years, which experts say cannot be financed from domestic sources alone. NJ Watson reports
Laws of investment
1 January 2006
The shorter-than-expected list of resources classified as strategic – and, therefore, off-limits to foreigners – has surprised, and encouraged, many observers. But other legislative changes highlight Russia's ambivalence towards foreign investment, writes NJ Watson
Papa knows best
1 January 2006
The wave of so-called coloured revolutions that have swept the former Soviet Union in the past two years were all sparked by election fraud. So, naturally, there was concern that Kazakhstan, where a presidential election took place on 4 December, might be next for regime change. Isabel Gorst reports from Almaty
Energy Charter: the key to international energy security
1 January 2006
Energy security – its relevance highlighted by the recent dispute between Russia and Ukraine – is at the top of Moscow's agenda as Russia assumes the G8 presidency. The Energy Charter is the answer, argues Andrei Konoplyanik, deputy secretary general of the Energy Charter Secretariat
Selling diversification
29 July 2005
Prime minister Yulia Tymoshenko is talking openly about future Ukrainian energy independence. Is anyone else? Derek Brower reports
Action, not words or punches
29 July 2005
It is just eight months since the Orange Revolution and Ukraine should be basking in the rewards of its movement towards democracy, a market economy, Europe and the World. If only investors agreed. Derek Brower reports from Kyiv
Free electricity market at risk
1 May 2005
Progress in liberalising EU electricity markets has been patchy at best. A shame, then, that the European Commission's draft directives on the electricity markets could inadvertently harm it further, writes NJ Watson
Rising imports cause concern
1 May 2005
Europe is becoming increasingly dependent on gas imports from relatively few sources for its escalating gas needs, putting the issue of security of supply at the top of the energy agenda. The European Commission is worried about this trend. Many experts are not. NJ Watson reports
Green light for emissions trade
1 April 2005
February saw the entry into force of the Kyoto Protocol and the delivery of EU emissions allowances into national registries, paving the way for the first spot trades in the CO2 market. Liz Bossley talks to some of the executive committee members of LCCS about the development of emissions trading