Europe & Eurasia
Enemy of the motherland
1 August 2006
"It was clear I was doing a decent job or they wouldn't have kicked me out" – Robert Amsterdam, lawyer to Mikhail Khodorkovsky. Interview by Derek Brower
Learning from past mistakes
31 May 2006
Long-term planning and co-operation between consumers and producers will help avert future energy crises, says Lord David Howell, energy minister in Margaret Thatcher's first cabinet. Interview by Ayesha Daya
Environment comes off second best
1 May 2006
The Norwegian government's plan to open up the Barents Sea has been widely viewed as a political compromise that pleases neither environmentalists, nor oil firms, Ayesha Daya reports from Norway
Some progress, but not enough
1 May 2006
Central and eastern European countries have made decent progress in reforming their power and gas markets compared with many Western European states – but that is not saying much. NJ Watson writes
Anger management in Brussels
1 April 2006
The European Commission has accused some utilities and states of blocking competition and pushing up gas and electricity prices. What should it do about it? NJ Watson writes
Renewable research
1 April 2006
The European Commission has promised to draw up a new directive on renewable energies for heating and cooling before the end of 2006, but this legislative ambition appears at odds with the IEA's assessment there has been a serious decline of R&D budgets for renewables. NJ Watson reports
The ties that bind
1 March 2006
The loudest voices crying foul against Russia during the recent bust-up with Ukraine over gas were, not surprisingly, countries that used to be part of the Soviet bloc. NJ Watson looks at the steps they are taking to reduce their reliance on Russian gas supplies
Breaking with the past
1 March 2006
Weighing up the options
1 March 2006
Faced with dwindling North Sea gas reserves, the UK government recently emphasised the potential of offshore storage in salt caverns. But other methods may prove more effective, writes Ian Lewis