Europe & Eurasia
Getting the gas to Europe
1 October 2007
Investment in new and existing energy infrastructure, re-balancing the relationship with its suppliers and controlling demand are all necessary if the EU is to achieve its goals of reducing carbon emissions, enhancing energy security and promoting market liberalisation, writes Derek Brower
The new energy paradigm
1 August 2007
As a commentator on the mess of European energy policy, Dieter Helm is a man much in demand. Interview by Derek Brower
Europe's import dilemmas
1 August 2007
The EU must import significant volumes of biofuels to meet stringent, self-imposed requirements for their use, but increasing imports raises difficult questions for European policymakers, writes NJ Watson
New kid on the block
1 July 2007
KazMunaiGaz Exploration and Production is not just the upstream arm of the national oil and gas company. It is the new gatekeeper to the country's onshore resources. Derek Brower reports from Kazakhstan
Bright future for North Sea, weather permitting
1 April 2007
Gordon Brown's last budget leaves a lasting stamp on oil and gas company operations
Impossible bedfellows
1 April 2007
Europe's energy consumers have spent the last two years worrying about supplies. But is the balance switching back in their favour? Derek Brower writes
Hungary leaves Nabucco on its deathbed
1 April 2007
Hungary demands fed by Russian fuels
Cartel contradictions
1 March 2007
Russia's flirtation with rival gas producers has left consumer countries in a cold sweat. But a cartel probably will not happen and certainly would not work, writes Derek Brower
The liberalisation gamble
1 February 2007
The European Commission wants to break up the big energy players. But it also wants security of supply. Derek Brower asks if it can do both
Price war settled, for now
1 February 2007
A trade dispute with Belarus has further eroded international confidence in the security of Russian energy supplies, writes Isabel Gorst
Gazprom holds the cards
1 January 2007
Gazprom becoming a world leader in gas acquisition