Europe & Eurasia
Analysing the bear
1 June 2008
Outspoken, staunchly independent and passionate about the minutiae of Russian oil and gas policy, Jonathan Stern is riding a wave of interest in the country and its energy sector. Profile by Derek Brower
Banks tire of Russian roulette
1 June 2008
Banks are increasingly reluctant to fund upstream ventures in Russia, writes NJ Watson
Keeping the Putin ship steady
1 April 2008
Will Dmitry Medvedev's ascendancy to the Russian presidency mark a shift in the country's energy policy? Derek Brower reports
Proponents on the defensive
1 March 2008
Proponents of biofuels in the transport sector have been forced on to the defensive by findings suggesting the environmental benefits may not be as great as previously suggested. But Western governments still believe the sector has a big future, writes Ian Lewis
Talking a good game
1 March 2008
The European Commission proclaims world leadership on fighting climate change and liberalising energy markets. But is anyone listening, asks Derek Brower?
New year, new government, new approach
1 February 2008
Improving relations with its neighbours may help to enhance Poland's energy-supply security, writes NJ Watson
Tougher times for investors
25 November 2007
New legislation empowering Kazakhstan to break natural-resources contracts will undermine investor confidence in the republic, writes Isabel Gorst
Europe: ECT steps forward
25 November 2007
Turkmenistan: East versus West
1 October 2007
After 16 years of isolation, Turkmenistan is opening its doors to Western investors. But its best prospects for expansion are linked with Russia and China, writes NJ Watson
Getting the gas to Europe
1 October 2007
Investment in new and existing energy infrastructure, re-balancing the relationship with its suppliers and controlling demand are all necessary if the EU is to achieve its goals of reducing carbon emissions, enhancing energy security and promoting market liberalisation, writes Derek Brower
The new energy paradigm
1 August 2007
As a commentator on the mess of European energy policy, Dieter Helm is a man much in demand. Interview by Derek Brower
Europe's import dilemmas
1 August 2007
The EU must import significant volumes of biofuels to meet stringent, self-imposed requirements for their use, but increasing imports raises difficult questions for European policymakers, writes NJ Watson
Russia: Going north
1 August 2007