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Panic over UK gas supplies is unnecessary

The panic over dwindling fuel supplies and possible rationing is just that. The lights are going to stay on for a long time yet

This week, the UK media was full of warnings that the country was running out of gas; that supplies were dwindling; that gas storage levels were dangerously low; even that the country faced gas rationing.This article claimed that with gas storage levels hovering at 10%, compared with 50% at the same time last year, UK energy security was at risk.Is all of this true? Well, yes and no. Cold weather boosts gas demand. That's a fact. But is the UK about to run out of gas? No. A lot of the panic in the press was just that. A quick look at the facts, and a bit of data crunching, shows that the country wasn’t facing a gas crisis at all. Low natural gas stocks have more to do with the UK government

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