China's energy strategy advances in Myanmar
29 July 2010
MYANMAR's (Burma) planned elections later this year are unlikely to lead to an easing of Western economic sanctions. But its energy sector will continue to expand, driven by Asian investment, writes Ian Lewis
Australian super-tax defeated
29 July 2010
THE ROW over a proposed "super-tax" on mining, oil and gas companies has been settled in spectacular style after the ousting of prime minister Kevin Rudd in a modern-day palace coup
China arrives in North America's unconventional gas sector
8 July 2010
CNPC's deal with gas producer EnCana gives it a foothold in Canada's growing shale-gas business and heralds the arrival of China's state-owned oil companies in North America's unconventional-gas sector.
Australia: Tax proposals put CBM timetable in doubt
2 June 2010
A proposed new tax on onshore natural-resources production threatens to increase overall costs for the CBM sector, potentially putting it at a disadvantage compared with offshore conventional gas production
Indian fuel subsidies suffocating refiners
6 April 2010
Indian fuel prices must rise immediately or the country's downstream companies could face bankruptcy. But they probably won't, Yeshi Seli reports from New Delhi
India's shifting gas strategy
6 April 2010
India's gas-sector strategy was based on LNG imports and international pipelines. But big domestic gas discoveries and tough economic conditions have changed that, writes Ian Lewis
Cleaning up China's energy supply
1 December 2009
China's energy economy represents more than just a vast opportunity for the resource industries. The country's need for fuel is set to become one of the biggest geo-strategic issues of our times, writes Conal Walsh
India: the price isn't right
1 April 2009
Low crude prices could have allowed the Indian government to reform its domestic price-fixing regime, but political factors are likely to prevent such a change, reports James Gavin
Woodside urges carbon caution
1 October 2008
Plans to introduce a cap-and-trade scheme for CO2 emissions is facing opposition from energy companies, writes Ian Lewis
Seoul searches for security
1 February 2008
The relentless juggernaut
25 November 2007
The predictions for Chinese energy demand growth are good news for energy firms – but very bad news for the environment. Derek Brower reports
SCO: More than a talking shop, just
1 October 2007
The Shanghai Cooperation Organization is developing fast. But what it is becoming depends on which member you ask, writes NJ Watson
Energy policy: The greening of politics
1 October 2007
Calls from the UN for Australia and the US to play a full role in efforts to develop a new global climate agreement may be working, writes Ian Lewis
A new broom
1 August 2007
Mixed fortunes
1 August 2007
While the world's attention is drawn to burgeoning energy-demand statistics in China and India, Petroleum Economist asks how those countries' neighbours in Southeast Asia are aiming to meet their own supply needs. Derek Brower reports
Blazing a new path
1 August 2007
Is the Western picture of a careless polluter a fair depiction of China? Derek Brower looks at the country's efforts to change its image
China's city of the future
1 August 2007
Rapid urbanisation means the world will need new cities. Dongtan offers a vision of what they could look like. Derek Brower talks to the firm developing it
Asia rising
1 May 2007
As Asian economies and populations boom, NOCs are looking to Africa as their latest resource for supplies to match growing demands
Central Asia
1 November 2006
CENTRAL Asia is benefiting from the angst gripping energy consumers worldwide. Central Asian gas, regarded as too difficult to produce by all except Russia at the start of the decade, is now viewed as a desirable resource.
Package deal
1 October 2006
Forming a comprehensive energy partnership with Beijing – helping the government meet its economic, energy and environmental requirements – is the best strategy for investment in China, says Boston Consulting Group*