China approves Shell's BG Group takeover
15 December 2015
The Ministry of Commerce green light marks the last regulatory hurdle for the deal and clearing the way for a final shareholder vote in the coming weeks
Good crisis management needed to boost Australia’s production sector
7 December 2015
Increased Australian productivity and competitiveness should allow the nation to drive output during global downturn
China slashes natural gas prices by 30%
20 November 2015
LNG exporters will welcome the return of a major buyer, while domestic producers will be less happy with the change.
Coal grows in prominence in Southeast Asia
4 November 2015
As leaders gathered for Singapore International Energy Week (SIEW), coal was at the forefront of discussions
India cuts gas prices by 18%
8 October 2015
The well-head gas price has dropped to $3.82/m British thermal units (Btu) which could discourage investment in the fields
New law hands Pertamina power as Indonesia dodge energy crisis
18 August 2015
Indonesia needs investors to avert an energy crisis. But a proposed law, widely hoped to improve the fiscal and regulatory environment, appears disappointing
China hopes to stimulate demand by cutting gas prices
5 August 2015
The country will cut regulated gas prices in order to encourage demand
Central Asian gas increasingly reliant on Chinese market
30 June 2015
Central Asian gas exports are challenged by reduced Russian demand and a growing reliance on the Chinese market - just as the latter’s demand growth begins to falter
China's slowing economy may threaten energy markets
28 May 2015
After a decade of rampant growth, the Chinese economy is cooling. The way the country uses energy is changing too
China's NOCs start to feel the pinch
28 May 2015
The country’s oil giants aren’t in the rosiest financial health, but remain ready to scoop up assets elsewhere
Cautious optimism over China's shale-gas plans
28 May 2015
The country’s huge reserves are not living up to their promise
Speculation of restructuring in China's oil and gas industry
28 May 2015
Talks have been held as Beijing faces increasing pressure to change the industry
Kuala Lumpur's energy industry gathers steam
18 May 2015
Delegates at the Asia Oil and Gas Conference heard that optimism is high for the region’s future
Tough times set to persist for Russia's oil sector borrowers
17 April 2015
Western sanctions are harming the industry causing foreign investments to slump
China’s ‘New Normal’ will hit oil demand
7 April 2015
The world’s second-largest economy is undergoing structural changes to create more sustainable growth that will have long-lasting effects for oil demand
Chinese doubts over growing Russian oil trade
27 March 2015
Western sanctions have contributed to the fall in confidence in Russian oil
Documentary shows the extent of pollution in China
24 March 2015
Justin Jacobs reviews a documentary which - before it was pulled by the government - exposes the depth and severity of China's pollution problems
Bad news for Timor-Leste as Woodside shelves Sunrise LNG project
19 March 2015
The Asian nation relies on petroleum exports for its economy but could see its wells dry within a few years
China's oil majors feel the pinch of low prices
27 January 2015
After years of rapid growth, China's oil majors are feeling the pain from low oil prices as they are being forced to slash spending and delay unprofitable new projects at home.
Second export deal in the pipeline for China and Russia
15 December 2014
A deal is in the works. But it would be a geopolitical coup for the Kremlin and a commercial one for Beijing
China’s appetite for LNG under threat without price reform
7 November 2014
The country's gas supply capacity is rising, but prices are going with it making it more difficult for consumers to afford
Strategic reserve filling lifts Chinese oil demand
31 October 2014
China is using the recent oil price decline to as an opportunity to accelerate filling its strategic petroleum reserve (SPR), providing a boost to the country's sluggish oil demand, analysts say
China gives Venezuela break on oil-for-loan repayment
24 October 2014
Amendments eliminate the minimum export requirement and a payment period
Legal risks for foreign investors in China shale opening
23 October 2014
The government is keen to lure foreign investors into the country’s unconventional gas sector. Hopeful developers must be clear about the rules, write Fung Lin Leung, senior associate, and Ben Smith, foreign legal consultant, Norton Rose Fulbright Hong Kong
India gas-price reforms may spur upstream sector
22 October 2014
As part of the reforms, the gas price will jump up 47%
Indonesia’s leader must move fast to stave off energy crunch
22 October 2014
As falling production and rising energy imports start to take their toll on the wider economy, it is clear Indonesia needs to reshape its oil and gas regime to lure much-needed upstream investment. But is the incoming president up to the challenge?