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Meeting China's surging gas demand

China is now the world's largest consumer of energy and its rising demand represents the most formidable geopolitical challenge of the foreseeable future

GAS USE in China has increased dramatically in the last decade and is set to surge. Consumption of 24.55bn cubic metres (cm) in 2000 almost quadrupled to 88.7bn cm in 2009, according to Cedigaz, accounting for nearly 4% of Chinese primary energy consumption. Increasing gas use will pose an acute challenge for the country: the National Development Reform Commission has decreed that, by 2020, gas's contribution to primary energy consumption should increase to 10%. This would require a further quadrupling of gas supply to more than 340bn cm/y by 2020. Where all this gas will come from is a fundamental and difficult question for both China and the rest of the world. China's energy mix is domin

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