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Tripoli has only one option - it must free us, says Jadhran

Ibrihim Jadhran's skills were once so valued by the Libyan government, he was granted a top post with the country's Petroleum Facilities Guard. Now, after ordering his troops to seize control of a swathe of Libya's vital oil-export ports, Tripoli sees him as the main threat to the country's stability. Wil Crisp meets the eastern Libya rebel in his Ajdabiya headquarters

The once-bustling oil terminal at Zueitina is calm and silent. Looking back at the vast port from the end of its kilometre-long breakwater, the only vessels in sight are two tugboats moored by the pier. There isn't an oil tanker to be seen. When it's operating at full capacity, the oil terminal in eastern Libya can export 150,000 barrels a day (b/d). But since July, not a single drop has left its quays. Zueitina is one of six terminals shut down by armed men over recent months, crippling crude production in Libya, the country with Africa's largest proven oil reserves. After the 2011 revolution which ousted Muammar Qadhafi, the swift recovery in Libyan oil production astounded many in the ma

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