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Libyan oil's fraught return to market after Qadhafi era

Oil production has resumed, but as Libya steps out of Qadhafi’s shadow, what comes next?

BUOYED by international recognition, the capture of Tripoli, and the seemingly unstoppable regime change under way, Libya’s interim government believes it can quickly increase oil production. With full pre-war levels reached within 15 months, or much sooner, the restored revenue stream may also help to win the peace. Libya needs the money. France, the UK and other allies of the National Transitional Council (NTC) are slowly unfreezing some of the Qadhafi-era billions that the Western countries long promised to the rebels. Qatar remains a generous backer. But the flow of funds is still barely a trickle and the fledgling government is struggling to keep its economy afloat. The NTC’s leaders w

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