Transport fuel’s day of reckoning
27 September 2018
Gulf refiners wonder how to cope with new green standards for shipping and aviation fuel
Boom times for marine LNG
23 May 2018
Environmental regulation, economics and rapidly evolving technology are encouraging the use of liquefied natural gas as a marine fuel
Shipping sector braces for emissions storm
20 April 2018
Is the fuel oil market ready for tighter carbon and sulphur emissions rules on shipping?
Shipping—let battle commence
20 February 2018
Competition to provide ships with a low-sulphur alternative will hot up as the IMO deadline approaches. It's not clear which fuel will win
Shipping's waterline deadline
20 February 2018
The clock is ticking for an industry that must conform with new sulphur rules. Not everyone will be ready in time
Sea change for shipping sector
1 February 2018
New rules are imminent and will have a big impact on the global fuel oil sector
Fuels at sea
30 January 2018
Ships must pollute less. Their owners can't ignore the impending regulatory changes
Port of Fujairah aiming high
27 October 2017
Logistical and political snags need skilful navigation to secure Fujairah's position as a world-leading energy and trading port
Panama Canal expansion will not redefine global LNG trade
24 April 2014
The project has been overhyped, and though the wider canal may cut some costs for future US LNG deliveries to Asia, the impact will be limited
Tanker owners fight back on low charter rates
5 April 2013
Tanker owners have launched an initiative to improve charter rates, which they say have fallen to levels which are consistently below basic operating costs
Tankers in deep water as hire rates stay low
9 January 2013
Hire-rates for large tankers have been desperately low for four years and in the past two have barely covered direct operating costs
Opportunities grow as shippers chart course with LNG
8 March 2012
Rapid uptake of LNG-powered vessels presents multi-billion dollar opportunity for gas producers
Tanker firms batten down the hatches amid overcapacity
17 January 2012
A year of survival and consolidation lies ahead, with over-capacity hanging over the oil-shipping industry
Talk of conflict in Hormuz is a red herring for oil market
5 January 2012
Talk of conflict in the Strait of Hormuz misses the real threat to the global oil market
ARA oil-storage business takes a hit as conditions become difficult
7 December 2011
Although flows of oil through the big ARA ports have shown some growth, business conditions in independent storage have become more difficult
Rush to build new LNG tankers could backfire
13 September 2011
The rush to build new liquefied natural gas (LNG) tankers to cash in on high charter rates could backfire, with the market rebalancing by the time the vessels are delivered
Exclusive: Qadhafi talks oil-tanker sales with Russians
8 August 2011
Russian investors are on the verge of buying a fleet of oil tankers from Libya’s state-owned General National Maritime Transport (GNMTC), says a source close to the negotiations
Libya rebels seize gasoline tanker
3 August 2011
Libyan rebel forces last night boarded a fuel tanker belonging to Muammar Qadhafi’s regime, seized it and are sailing the vessel laden with gasoline to Benghazi
Exclusive: Qadhafi regime bids to sell shipping fleet
21 July 2011
Libya’s state-owned shipping firm is asking two Asian companies to take control of its fleet as the regime steps up efforts to secure cash to sustain its war effort
EXCLUSIVE: Nato arrests Libya-bound oil tanker
19 May 2011
Pressure increases to stop lifting of Ras Lanuf crude cargo; Ghanem in Vienna; TNC "to attend Opec meeting"
Libyan rebel oil-export prospects limited
13 April 2011
A shipment of oil has made it out of war-torn Libya, but it may be last for some time to come
LNG tanker rates flat despite Japan earthquake
31 March 2011
Spot rates stable as market assesses demand; shipping capacity tight; long-term charters expected to rise
Storm clouds persist for oil-tanker owners
27 January 2011
A collapse in day rates for the world's fleet of crude carriers will be exacerbated this year as a large number of new vessels hits the market
Shipping industry under emissions pressure
27 January 2011
Ship owners have taken steps towards reducing carbon emissions and pollution, but pressure is intensifying for the industry to make greater strides in the fight against climate change
Oil-tanker vetting gets tighter amid environmental safety concerns
27 January 2011
The Deepwater Horizon disaster has clear ramifications for the offshore drilling industry, but there is fall out for the shipping industry, too
UN seeks action as piracy costs spiral for shipping companies
27 January 2011
With pirate attacks, and their associated costs for shipping companies, escalating, the UN wants to bring a more joined-up approach to what has been, so far, an ineffective international response
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