Continental storage divide
30 October 2018
European oil storage struggles as new facilities aid further growth in Asia
Liquidity fuels LNG storage growth
12 October 2018
Commercial storage of LNG is on the rise as the market evolves, and emissions controls loom larger on the horizon
Global storage not tanked up enough
11 October 2018
World commercial oil inventories continued their declining trend over the past year. Oil storage owners face a mixed market
Storage fundamentals turn
20 October 2017
A shift in most oil markets from contango to backwardation is changing the outlook for the global storage business
The search for storage
8 December 2016
In the fourth of a six-part series, our trader looks back at a time when oil was the best commodity one could hold
Tanks, gluts and contangos
30 March 2016
A rush on storage capacity to deal with oil’s excess is buoying storage rates, from Rotterdam to Cushing and beyond
Riding the rails
30 March 2016
Idle cars are giving some traders a place to store their oil
Ukraine's underground storage catches up with injections
20 October 2015
Injections into Ukraine’s underground storage were exceeding 80m m³/d as PE went to press – good news for its western counterparts who depend on the reliable transit of Russian gas through Ukraine
Litgas and Statoil offer vessel bunkering services
18 August 2015
Teaming up with Statoil, Litgas is trying to get more usage out of its under-used floating LNG regasification terminal
InfraStrata at next stage of Irish gas storage project
11 August 2015
Exploration company InfraStrata will turn the Islandmagee salt deposit into a gas storage plant after securing funding from the EC
China is stockpiling cheap crude in reserves
28 May 2015
The country has a long way to go to reach its 2020 Strategic Petroleum Reserve target
Puma moves into UK storage at Milford Haven refinery
17 March 2015
The refinery, which was previously shut down, has been sold to the Singapore company
Crude price fall points to storage boom
7 January 2015
The fall in crude oil prices could bring a business boom for the world’s independent storage operators, and for traders leasing tankers for floating storage
Independent storage under pressure as volumes fall
8 December 2014
Capacity expansions, coming at a time of trimmed volumes, have raised competition in the worldwide oil storage business
Greater Singapore could be world's largest oil storage hub
8 December 2014
Greater Singapore – Singapore together with new terminals in Malaysia and Indonesia – could increase capacity by a third
Rotterdam oil storage takes a dive from flat consumption
8 December 2014
Independent oil storage operators in Rotterdam are facing adverse trends while Antwerp volumes are up
New LNG storage to be built in Singapore this year
2 September 2014
The capacity of the storage will almost double in size thanks to construction starting later this year
Mixed results for global independent storage
18 December 2013
Business trends in independent oil storage have diverged geographically, with profits led by terminals serving the long-distance trade in refined products
Greater Singapore storage developments challenge Singapore
18 December 2013
New independent oil storage terminals due to start-up in 2014 and 2015 could threaten Singapore’s good times
Rotterdam operators business under pressure
18 December 2013
Independent storage operators at the Dutch port are facing a squeeze while Antwerp has seen growth in volumes
2012 Independent Storage Survey: US fundamentals shaky for oil storage
12 December 2012
Storage operators in the US have seen their speculative and, now, logistical businesses trimmed – but some are benefiting from rising US exports
2012 Independent Storage Survey: Capacity growth driven by refining trends
11 December 2012
Independent oil storage operators are adding new capacity at the world’s key refining and trading hubs to accommodate growth in long-distance flows
2012 Independent Storage Survey: Singapore and the Malaysian challenge
11 December 2012
Some say the construction of oil storage terminals in Johor, Malaysia, will strengthen the “Greater Singapore hub” – but others say new capacity will spoil the fun
2012 Independent Storage Survey: ARA is better in Rotterdam
11 December 2012
The Rotterdam oil storage business has strengthened on the growth in long-distance trade
Totting up Asia’s large strategic petroleum reserves
4 December 2012
Asian countries are some of the world's largest importers, with Japan holding the largest stockpile in the region
Oiltanking lifts capacity in Singapore storage
16 October 2012
The deal will increase petroleum capacity in the Singapore storage business by 37%