Wait and see
1 April 2003
Opec leads output rise
1 March 2003
You can't rely on anyone
1 February 2003
IT solution may save 50¢/b
1 February 2003
Aspen Technology, the US software company, says the oil industry is at an “inflection point” – where companies are under pressure to improve their performance and a set of technologies is emerging that can achieve that improvement. David McQuillin, the firm’s president and chief executive, talks to Tom Nicholls about his vision of the next major trend in IT for the process industries
Opec acts as prices soar
1 February 2003
US gas on a tightrope
1 January 2003
There is a growing consensus that the balance between US gas supply and demand will be tight. Some analysts suggest a crisis could occur as early as this winter. In addition, volatile prices make planning, hedging and investment more difficult, Ellen Lask reports
Tough times for energy traders
1 January 2003
The fall of Enron has left a trail of devastation in the US energy-trading market, with several other companies struggling to stay afloat. Almost every entity in the industry, innocent or otherwise, has been caught up in the chaos created by principals who honoured profits over principles, Anne Feltus reports
Legal challenges
1 June 2002
Price volatility, deregulation woes, continued industry consolidation and the aftermath of Enron have all made for a challenging year for the energy sector. This has also kept the legal profession busy and more of the same is expected over the next 12 months. David Townsend reports
Oil firms: don’t ditch hedging
1 June 2002
Oil price risk hedging with derivative products may be wrong for certain oil companies, but a failure to manage price risk actively could be a significant missed opportunity. Liz Bossley discusses hedge techniques in the management of company finances with John Walmsley, an energy consultant with oil company finance director and CEO experience
Challenging times
1 May 2002
With a fast-growing economy and rapidly increasing population, India must increase energy production to match expected future consumption. The government has begun an energy sector reform programme and new legislation on oil products market deregulation was introduced last month. David Townsend reports
All eyes on Iraq
1 April 2002
As expected, Opec oil ministers last month decided to maintain their production levels, claiming that the recent spike in prices was mostly due to political events in the Middle East. David Townsend reports