Saudi surprise
1 August 2000
Output down in June
1 August 2000
Output rises in May
1 July 2000
No fizzle, even from demonstrators
1 July 2000
THE World Petroleum Congress (WPC) being about little more than networking, expectations that a new direction for the industry might emerge from Calgary 2000 were far from the mark. Representatives from countries with oil potential were there to meet Calgary-based potential investors and vice versa. Canadian delegates made up by far the largest contingent at the WPC; the rest of the world was thinly represented. The host country outnumbered even the US, writes Derek Brower from Calgary.
Firm oil prices give energy financing a lift
1 June 2000
Since the recent recovery in oil prices, the prospects for Middle East oil producing economies have improved sharply. This has translated into a steady volume of energy financing, with several high-profile projects set to close major financing packages in 2000.
The civil engineer of co-operation
1 May 2000
In the first quarter of 1985, Robert Mabro appeared as an expert witness before the government select committee hearings into the heavy losses incurred by the British National Oil Corporation, the UK state oil company.
That should help a bit
1 May 2000
Opec’s attempt in March to restore world oil prices to more comfortable levels for consumers appears to have worked, for now, as prices establish themselves in the range the organisation said was its target. But, despite claims of a new era of co-operation and stability, the Vienna meeting was prey to political in-fighting. At the same time, concerns over demand and extra output mean the market appears set for more price volatility.
A minus B
1 April 2000