US recovery buoys the bulls
3 November 2009
Markets at work
2 November 2009
Making sense of energy markets
2 November 2009
The Schork Report is essential reading for anyone seeking an inside view of global energy markets. Derek Brower meets the man behind it
Credit crunch not over yet for gas industry
5 October 2009
Natural gas prices remain depressed as US storage volumes reach record highs, putting further pressure on cash-strapped producers
Keeping an eye on oil's forward curve
2 October 2009
Crude oil futures prices were firm at around $70 a barrel on Thursday, despite burgeoning stocks and few new indications of a strengthening in demand.
Oil prices steady around $66/b – but some still worry
25 September 2009
According to Andrew Sentence, a member of the Bank of England's monetary committee, energy prices will be the "next big global shock"
Pre-salt legislation puts Petrobras centre stage
23 September 2009
President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva has put four laws before Congress that will give Petrobras control over the country's coveted pre-salt acreage and significantly reduce the private-sector's role
Turkmenistan keeps Russia at bay
23 September 2009
Suddenly and surprisingly, the EU's hand in the game to secure Central Asian gas supplies of looks stronger
Big oil finds bode well for long-term supply
18 September 2009
The easy oil might have mostly gone, but that doesn't mean there isn't plenty of it about
Oil breaks above $70/b
1 September 2009
Bakken pool making a big splash
1 September 2009
Enhanced oil-recovery gains are propelling Saskatchewan to centre stage, with oil-sands deposits adding sheen to the outlook
Oil breaks through $70/b
20 August 2009
Oil prices rallied back over $70/b on 19 August after an unexpectedly large fall in US crude inventories the previous week
Oil rises for 4th straight week
7 August 2009
Oil prices have risen for a fourth week in a row because of growing optimism about a global economic recovery, rising stock markets and a weaker dollar.
The end of the seller's market
3 August 2009
Gas buyers everywhere will benefit from the impending, global oversupply of natural gas. By Noel Tomnay and Stephen O'Rourke*
The return of volatility
31 July 2009
Volatility returned to the oil markets as a sustained run-up in oil prices over the second half of July came to an abrupt end on Wednesday, only to recoup most of those losses the very next day.
Oil-market speculation: a risky business
24 July 2009
Financial speculators in the oil market are facing the threat of a regulatory crackdown on both sides of the Atlantic. But are they to blame, as some politicians claim, for recent volatility in energy prices?