Natural gas: the Netherlands' transition fuel
26 January 2010
Natural gas will play an essential role as the transition fuel while the Netherlands converts its energy-supply matrix to one dominated by non-fossil sources, writes Hans Overdiep
Cold weather buoys oil and gas prices, draws down stocks
11 January 2010
Oil prices have reached their highest levels since prices began to collapse in October 2008
Finding gives US Environmental Protection Agency power to regulate greenhouse-gas emissions
8 January 2010
The US government has authorised itself to regulate greenhouse-gas emissions, with potentially costly consequences for the oil and power sectors, writes Anne Feltus
Russia and Belarus remind Europe that oil and gas supplies are still a flashpoint
8 January 2010
EU oil consumers should not worry about Russia's latest energy dispute – with Belarus. The country is steadily building the necessary oil and gas export infrastructure to by-pass its troublesome neighbours
Rising Opec oil output lifts global supply
4 January 2010
Global oil supply in November rose by 200,000 b/d, according to the IEA. Opec production increased by 135,000 b/d to 29.1m b/d, its highest level in a year, the agency says. Other suppliers are also pumping more than expected
ExxonMobil's surprise move for XTO
15 December 2009
ExxonMobil is prepared to pay a high price to secure XTO Energy's unconventional-gas resources
Iraq celebrates oil licensing success
14 December 2009
Successful licensing of seven upstream oil contracts could see Iraqi production hit 12m b/d says oil ministry
SEC oil reserves reporting revised
11 December 2009
New SEC guidelines on reporting oil and gas reserves are about to come into effect. They're better than before, but grey areas persist
The return of oil market fundamentals
11 December 2009
No sooner had Saudi oil minister Ali Naimi declared that oil prices were trading in a "perfect" range of between $75 and $80/b than the support for such strength disappeared
Colombian oil production on the rise
7 December 2009
The prospects for the oil and industry in Colombia look promising, with production and reserves increasing and investors pumping money into the country
Peak oil debate resurfaces
1 December 2009
Too little, too late for CCS in the UK
19 November 2009
UK efforts to become a leader in CCS technology are gathering momentum, but the small scale of planned projects highlights the gulf between what is possible now and what is needed in the future
Oil stocks held in floating storage soar
19 November 2009
Huge volumes of crude oil are being held in floating storage as a market contango makes spot cargoes increasingly attractive
Strengthening dollar and weaker equities cut oil price
19 November 2009
Oil futures are in retreat as the week ends, with a dip in equity values and a rise in the dollar against the euro affecting sentiment in crude markets
The oil market disconnect continues
13 November 2009
Take a view of the direction of the oil market and you'll probably be right, whether you're a bear or a bull
Peak-oil claims rear their head again
13 November 2009
Despite signals that the world has plenty of crude to meet demand, the peak-oil theory is back in the headlines
Reason for optimism in Iraq's upstream
10 November 2009
After the award of three large upstream contracts, Iraq's prospects as an oil producer are looking much brighter
US unemployment figures add to bearish oil market fundamentals
6 November 2009
Crude oil futures fell sharply on Friday, as negative US employment figures dampened expectations of a quick economic recovery
The EU's vague Copenhagen gambit
3 November 2009
Has the EU rescued the Copenhagen climate-change summit from disaster?
US recovery buoys the bulls
3 November 2009