Alberta's oil in demand
2 June 2010
Oil-sands operators' profits are surging, Chinese investment is filtering through the patch and the US will increasingly rely on Alberta's bitumen, writes Derek Brower
Saudi Aramco wrestles its domestic energy-consumption problem
2 June 2010
Oil prices are where Saudi Arabia wants them. But rising demand in the kingdom could bring longer-term problems, writes Derek Brower
Chinese demand masked by stocking
2 June 2010
When everyone from ministers to carpet makers is storing oil, Chinese oil demand becomes even harder to predict. Simon Crompton reports
Oil slides as Euro troubles spook the market
2 June 2010
Oil prices have tumbled in recent weeks, as soaring inventories in the US, persistent weakness in Western demand and the EU's worsening debt crisis sent bulls fleeing
Global oil production holding steady
2 June 2010
US oil production was relatively unaffected by the Deepwater Horizon accident in the US Gulf of Mexico, says the IEA
Impact of BP's slick spreads to US authorities
26 May 2010
Barack Obama suggests too "cosy" a relationship between the oil industry and the authorities that regulate it may have contributed to lax rules in the Gulf of Mexico, where BP's oil slick continues to spread
Big prospects in the Lower Tertiary GOM
26 May 2010
The Deepwater Horizon disaster has dominated oil-industry headlines since April, but upstream activity in the US Gulf of Mexico otherwise remains brisk, writes Anne Feltus
Peru bidding round: exclusive interview
26 May 2010
Rapid growth in oil and gas production and a competitive fiscal regime should make Peru's forthcoming licensing round a success, says Perupetro
UK: High hopes for extreme-north offshore oil well
20 May 2010
An oil well to be spudded this summer in the UK's far-north waters could, if hopes are fulfilled, lead to a surge of exploration in the new Atlantic-margin frontier province
Oil-price volatility brings together producers and consumers
4 May 2010
Wild swings in the price of oil in 2008 and 2009 have nudged the debate between oil producers and consumers forward, but the sides remain fundamentally apart on the main issue
China and speculators spur oil-price rise
28 April 2010
Crude prices have surged in April, exceeding $80/b with scarcely a backwards glance and hovering around $85/b
Oil price disconnected from market fundamentals
6 April 2010
Oil futures showed fleeting signs of weakness towards the end of March because of a bigger-than-expected rise in US crude inventories, a firmer dollar and concerns about sovereign debt in Europe
Oil supply rises, as Opec nations ignore output quotas
6 April 2010
Opec oil supply reached a 14-month high in February, says the IEA
Downstream depression
25 March 2010
The downstream industry's weakness is a compelling piece of evidence that oil is overpriced
US EPA to study impact of shale-gas fracing
23 March 2010
If research shows hydraulic fracturing has adverse health or environmental effects, new regulations could discourage shale-gas development
US needs a Manhattan-style energy project to catch up with greener China and Europe, says Chu
23 March 2010
The US is lagging behind Europe and China in developing green-energy technology and must invest heavily to catch up
Huge Opec upstream investment needed, says IEA
16 March 2010
The world is cutting down on carbon emissions, but it will continue to rely heavily on Opec oil. Opec must invest in new production capacity, says the IEA
European oil refinery closures get serious
16 March 2010
With European oil refining capacity in surplus and demand falling, Total is closing a refinery in France and other majors are likely to follow
Saudi Aramco steps up oil-export programme
12 March 2010
Saudi Arabia will spend $170bn in its energy sector in the next five years as it bets on a global resurgence in economic growth and energy demand
Gas discovery with Mozambique's first deep-water well
12 March 2010
The first deep-water well drilled offshore Mozambique has come in as a substantial gas discovery for Anadarko
Opec: give us certainty to invest
1 March 2010
Crude oil prices are in the range Opec wants. But uncertainty about the demand outlook remains a worry. Derek Brower interviews the group's secretary-general, Abdalla El-Badri
Dip in non-Opec oil output leads world total lower
1 March 2010
World oil production dropped by 45,000 b/d in January, to 83.63m b/d, says the IEA
Dawn of the gas economy
23 February 2010
The world could be in its biggest energy-transition phase since the start of the oil economy, the new focus: natural gas