Gulf oil spill: Wasted reputations
5 August 2010
Stopping the flow from the Macondo well is not the end of the Deepwater Horizon affair. Along with BP, environmentalists and the US government must rebuild credibility that has been lacking in the aftermath of the accident
BP's US downstream business, an attractive asset
3 August 2010
BP's asset-sale programme will be critical to the company's efforts to reassure investors, but is its US refining and marketing business the right asset to sell, asks Miles Lang
Colombia's Ecopetrol thinks big
3 August 2010
Ecopetrol's $80bn investment target – 80% in the upstream – will require extensive use of capital markets
BP to sell Colombian business
3 August 2010
BP's latest sale in its $30bn asset-disposal programme is 100% of the shares in its Colombian business
Hurricane season arrives, strengthening prices
29 July 2010
Crude oil futures, still maintaining a range within a couple dollars either side of Opec's long-term target of $75/b, were on the rise as Petroleum Economist went to press, with storms in the Gulf of Mexico the main driver
Oil supply dips, regional growth slows
29 July 2010
Global oil supply fell by 255,000 b/d to 83.95m b/d in June, because of both lower Opec and non-Opec output, says the IEA
Tony Hayward: The fall guy
27 July 2010
Tony Hayward's departure from BP says as much about the lynch-mob mentality on display in Congress as it does about his failings as a chief executive
BP: Hayward out, Dudley in
27 July 2010
BP hopes to end the crisis that has engulfed the major since the Deepwater Horizon catastrophe by replacing Tony Hayward as CEO
BP sheds assets
22 July 2010
BP's upstream deal with Apache will provide $7bn towards the company's clean-up operations in the US Gulf
Deepwater Horizon: BP's Macondo well capped at last
22 July 2010
Oil has stopped flowing from BP's blown-out well in the US Gulf, but the company is at odds with the government over what to do next
Why China is buying into North American shale gas
22 July 2010
North America's shale-gas companies have two things China wants: expertise and LNG
The North Sea: too-slowly does it
22 July 2010
Endeavour's dispute over UK North Sea infrastructure access is important for every oil or gas company operating in the region
Oil spill ramifications spread beyond the Gulf
15 July 2010
The Deepwater Horizon disaster will have ramifications for deep-water drilling, not only in the Gulf of Mexico, but worldwide, as countries tighten their regulatory regimes, writes Anne Feltus
IEA spells out effect of energy subsidies
15 July 2010
The phase-out of fuel subsidies could cut oil demand by 6m b/d by 2020, says the IEA
Aramco, Total sign Jubail refinery financing
15 July 2010
The Jubail export refinery has attracted the Middle East's biggest-ever project financing, reflecting the robust appetite among international banks for Saudi Arabian energy projects, Miles Lang reports
Norway presses ahead with upstream licensing offer
8 July 2010
Despite reservations about deep-water drilling in the wake of the US Gulf disater, Norway is pressing on with licensing in frontier areas
US gas consumption will rise by 40%, says MIT study
8 July 2010
Gas will dominate US energy consumption in coming decades, replacing coal as the main fuel for electricity generation
A steadier boom for the oil sands
1 July 2010
Thanks to stronger oil prices and Chinese investment, the oil sands are gathering steam again. Alberta says it is better prepared for the rush this time, writes Derek Brower
US limits on energy-derivatives trading unlikely to reduce speculation
1 July 2010
NEW REGULATIONS governing the US' over-the-counter (OTC) derivatives trade come into force this month, but are unlikely to have the desired effect on speculation in oil and gas markets
Saudi Arabian power expansion burns up crude
29 June 2010
Refinery expansions should bring perfect equilibrium to a kingdom as addicted to oil as many of its clients
Change at the top for Qatargas, as LNG capacity continues to grow
24 June 2010
Faisal al-Suwaidi's exit from Qatargas is unlikely to prove a significant setback for Qatar's LNG industry
The LNG spot market evolves
24 June 2010
The development of a liquid, transparent LNG spot market is being stalled by a lack of reliable LNG price indices. But the market's evolution is gaining momentum
European LNG pricing uncertainty's threat to investment
24 June 2010
Local gas prices are creeping into European LNG contracts, frustrating exporters and delaying investment decisions, writes Simon Crompton
Gulf oil spill will force industry consolidation
17 June 2010
Expect a wave of M&A in the US Gulf of Mexico, as independents find that new costs and liabilities make deep-water exploration in the region too risky, writes Simon Crompton