Libya conflict hits world oil output
27 April 2011
Global oil production fell to 85.9 million barrels a day in March
Water: hot commodity, hot issue
31 March 2011
Water has become a significant source of friction between the energy industry and the public because of concerns about the impact of producers' water-management practices on health and the environment.
Crude prices on the rise
31 March 2011
Violence in North Africa, political risks in the Mideast Gulf and worries that a terrorist attack in Israel may trigger wider conflict across the region continue to buoy prices for Brent crude
Global oil production hits all-time high
31 March 2011
Output averaged 86.6 million barrels a day for the month
Majors open their wallets for upstream spending
31 March 2011
Upstream capital expenditure (capex) among big international oil companies (IOCs) is gathering momentum on the back of high oil prices and growing demand. The question is whether the attractive returns on offer will outweigh the increasingly high cost of uncovering fresh reserves
The great recession is over, says Opec secretary general
24 February 2011
The world's economy has nothing to fear from $100/b oil, says Opec secretary general Abdalla El-Badri
EU carbon market faces reform after theft
24 February 2011
IF THERE is an upside to the theft of at least €45m ($61m) of allowances that brought spot trading on the EU's carbon market to a halt, it is that the affair should bring about a more robust, rigorous system
Brent crude soars on Middle East unrest
24 February 2011
Unrest in the Middle East and rising demand forecasts from Opec and the IEA have combined to push oil prices to their highest levels since the spike of 2008
Opec drives oil production up
24 February 2011
World crude production rose by 0.5m b/d in January, to 86.2m b/d on the back of higher Opec oil and NGLs supply
World oil output down on non-Opec dip
27 January 2011
GLOBAL oil production slipped by 270,000 b/d, to 85.76m b/d in December, as non-Opec supply fell because of brief weather-related and technical outages
Non-Opec supply swells global oil production
14 December 2010
The world's oil supply rose by 380,000 b/d in November, says the International Energy Agency (IEA), reaching 85.81m b/d
Crude prices strong, but North American gas keeps falling
28 October 2010
Oil prices remain firm, with New York's front-month contract trading at around $81/b on 22 October
World oil production dips, as Iraqi output climbs
28 October 2010
Global oil supply dropped by 150,000 b/d, to 87.72m b/d, in September on the back of lower non-Opec output
Gazprom's first quarter: a tale of two markets
30 September 2010
Russian gas prices rose by 34% in the first quarter of 2010, helping Gazprom more than triple its net profit for the three-month period.
Opec holding steady
30 September 2010
Fears of an economic relapse should stop Opec from changing its oil production quotas at next month's meeting, writes Tom Nicholls
GDF Suez bullish on European gas demand
30 September 2010
DEMAND for natural gas in Europe will begin growing steadily again in 2012-14 as coal-fired electricity-generating capacity is replaced with gas-fired plants, says GDF Suez. But the market will tighten as supplies begin to hit a plateau, or drop
Oil market softens, as Opec prepares to meet
30 September 2010
Despite holding close to Opec's $75/b target, oil prices have weakened as fears of further economic turmoil and burgeoning inventories continue to hang over the market
Production dips on Opec and non-Opec figures
30 September 2010
Global oil production fell by 250,000 b/d month-on-month to 84.6m b/d in August, mainly because of lower non-Opec output, which slipped by 0.2m b/d to 52.4m b/d, says the IEA
Crude prices slide
1 September 2010
Oil prices, which topped more than $82/b earlier in August, were softening as the month moved on, amid renewed worries over the global economy, record-high stocks in the US and a dip in Chinese demand
Oil production up on hot summer, US baseline and Chinese supply
1 September 2010
Global oil output rose by 0.86m b/d to 85m b/d in July, as seasonal maintenance in Norway ended and Opec boosted supply
Blame row threatens Niger Delta clean-up progress
31 August 2010
The argument over whether it is thieves and saboteurs, or oil companies that are mainly to blame for oil-spill damage in the Niger Delta is threatening progress in cleaning up the region
Cenovus open to Chinese investment
26 August 2010
Cenovus's extensive oil-sands resources mean "decades of double-digit growth". And the firm may accelerate development through a series of partnerships – possibly with Chinese investors. Chief executive Brian Ferguson talks to Tom Nicholls
Crude prices slide
19 August 2010
Oil prices, which topped more than $82/b earlier in August, were softening as the month moved on, amid renewed worries over the global economy, record-high stocks in the US and a dip in Chinese demand