Crunch time for oil and the global economy
23 September 2011
Brent trading lower than recent figures, but it still looks pricey
Non-Opec drives global oil-output increase
23 September 2011
World oil production rose by nearly 1 million barrels a day (b/d), to 87 million b/d, in August, with the non-Opec countries providing 80% of the increase, according to the International Energy Agency (IEA)
Canadian energy exports tumble due to production outages
1 September 2011
Canadian energy exports - mainly to the US - suffered a sharp drop in the second quarter due to production outages from wildfires and floods, the country’s statistical agency reported Wednesday
Oil’s August ultimatum as financial optimism falls
22 August 2011
Cheaper oil may be the last stimulus available for an ailing global economy
Oil prices tumble amid equity-market carnage
22 August 2011
Crude prices slumped in early August, following a fall in global equities markets, continuing debt and recession fears, and the looming end of Muammar Qadhafi’s dictatorship in Libya
Opec boost lifts global oil output
22 August 2011
The world’s oil supply rose by 600,000 barrels a day (b/d) in July, to reach 86.55 million b/d, according to new monthly figures published by the IEA
Venezuela claims oil-reserves top spot
19 August 2011
Venezuela has toppled Saudi Arabia as holder of the world’s largest proved crude oil reserves, according to Opec
Majors reap the benefits of high oil price
19 August 2011
High oil prices resulting from Middle East unrest helped most of the oil majors offset production drops and record huge upstream profits in the second quarter
Bank bulls keep faith in falling oil market
9 August 2011
Leading investment banks see strong crude prices, despite global financial turmoil, citing stronger emerging-market oil demand and reduced production capacity as upward drivers
Oil and gas whacked in global market bloodbath
5 August 2011
The meltdown of global financial markets struck oil and gas shares as well as commodity prices yesterday, with no let-up in the bloodbath in sight as trade opened today
The West’s self-destructive oil demand
1 August 2011
The billions of dollars flowing to oil producers from insatiable Western consumers are restricting economic growth. Something has to give
Framework and demand vital for gas-infrastructure investment
29 July 2011
Securing new gas-infrastructure investment – €90 billion by 2020 – is crucial if natural gas is to fulfil its role as destination fuel in a low-carbon Europe
Unlocking upstream finance as confidence returns to market
28 July 2011
Oil and gas companies with prospective North Sea acreage and diverse portfolios remain attractive to lenders
Oil indexation: Time to accept the change
28 July 2011
Rapidly developing traded gas markets in Europe and a fundamentally changed sales market, will kill oil indexation in gas contracts. It’s time to accept the new market structure. By Sirko Beidatsch*
Oil: A new demand focus as other fuels take precedence
19 July 2011
The era of rampant growth in global oil production is over. But companies still face the task of replacing fast-depleting reserves to meet a steady uptick in demand over coming years
Energy system transitioning to low carbon sources
18 July 2011
Oil and gas companies are in a prime position to capitalise as the world’s energy system continues its transition to sustainable low-carbon sources, while meeting surging demand
Prices rise as oil market ignores IEA intervention
15 July 2011
Prices rose despite Saudi Arabia increasing output and the IEA releasing strategic oil reserves
Oil production rises ahead of demand surge
15 July 2011
Global production rose in June by 1.2 million barrels a day
IEA should stand back: The oil market will correct itself
14 July 2011
The IEA should resist the pleas of Western politicians, stand back, and let the oil market correct itself
IEA pricks oil’s bubble by releasing strategic stocks
23 June 2011
The IEA’s release of crude from strategic stocks is less about Libya than about the global economy – and it should send oil prices tumbling
Force majeure: Risks and protection
20 June 2011
Contractual force majeure provisions must be analysed in detail, risks and liabilities identified, and management strategies developed
Oil market boom set to bust
17 June 2011
Is the crude oil market on the verge of another spectacular collapse? There are seven good reasons to believe a sell-off is on the way
Opec: Volatility the name of the game
16 June 2011
Global economy "out of the woods"; "$100/b oil is reasonable"; "Saudi Arabia needs Opec", says the cartel’s secretary general, Abdalla El-Badri
Opec row sees angry Saudi Arabia shouldering output rise
8 June 2011
Naimi dubs Opec meeting "one of worst ever"
Brent falls on US stocks build; natural gas prices steady
2 June 2011
An increase in crude stocks and disappointing US jobs data contribute to falls
Oil prices routed but floor found
26 May 2011
Crude prices crashed in early May after a raft of bad economic data and automatic trading algorithms sparked a sell-off