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The world is on the verge of an energy break point, says Tertzakian

Peter Tertzakian says the world is on the verge of an energy "break point" that will change the way we live and work. He talks to Derek Brower

"ENERGY-consuming devices, such as air conditioners, light bulbs and the car, serve us like slaves and make kings of us all. But what do we do now that our energy appetite has grown so large that it threatens our energy supply, environment and political stability?" The question comes from Peter Tertzakian's recent book, The End of Energy Obesity: Breaking Today's Energy Addiction for a Prosperous and Secure Tomorrow*, and it should trouble everyone, especially the energy industry. "We're blindly focused on searching for answers within our old paradigm of energy and it's a vision that really needs to shift." With its view over Calgary's downtown core, Tertzakian's office in Arc Financial, an

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