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WEC Istanbul 2016
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Collaborate to innovate

Decarbonisation is driving change in the energy world’s status quo. Christoph Frei, Secretary General of the World Energy Council, speaks about the future of markets

You have been at WEC for a number of years now. What are your proudest achievements? The fact that the country scenarios are world class is something I'm very proud of. Our visibility, the engagement with our constituents globally is very good. We have the Trilemma process which ranks 150 countries and initiates policy dialogue between them, we have done work that provides thought leadership, gets great feedback every year, and gets global leaders talking. We have more than 20 regional events which we're very proud of. At the Congress we have for the first time a number of presidents showing up. Energy is at the heart of so many important discussions and for the first time the World Energ

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