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Chief Executive of the Year

Mustafa Sanallah, NOC Libya

Despite the civil war, political chaos and the ever-present risk of supply disruptions, Mustafa Sanallah, National Oil Corporation's chairman and chief executive, has exemplified the leadership and resilience needed to revive Libya's oil industry. Not only has he managed to remain politically neutral but he is one of the few people able to communicate freely with both sides of the conflict.

Under his leadership and management, he has repeatedly called attention to the social impact of the conflict and helped to end a number of blockades.

With a limited budget and in a continually challenging operating environment, Libya's national oil company has managed to raise oil production from just 300,000 barrels per day last year, to over 1m b/d in 2017. Sanallah wants yet more, hoping to lift output to 1.3m b/d by end-2017.

Attracting foreign investment, remaining apolitical and keeping the country economically stable have been monumental achievements under such difficult circumstances.

Since Sanallah was appointed chairman in May 2014, his hard work and diligence have given company stakeholders, employees and international customers renewed confidence in Libya's oil sector. He has worked tirelessly to raise the profile of the country's National Oil Corporation and lay the foundations for a united, stable Libya.

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