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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Programme of the Year, 2015: Repsol

This award recognises an exemplary ongoing CSR programme, with demonstrable positive impact on the communities it serves.

Judges looked for integration of CSR into the company’s business culture; a particular campaign or project, which exemplifies the company’s commitment to CSR; and a demonstrable ongoing commitment to successful CSR practices in future years.

An initiative to improve accessibility for the disabled at its service stations and enhance their sustainability, as part of a comprehensive corporate social responsibility programme, has won plaudits for Repsol.

The Spanish firm has more than 500 accessible service stations, which feature specific signs, accessible shops and restrooms, reserved parking spaces and petrol pumps with assisted call services. A Repsol service station was the world’s first to obtain Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Methodology (BREEAM) certification. The company’s first accessible and sustainable service stations were built in in Spain over four years ago, since when they have also been introduced to Portugal and Peru.

The initiative required Repsol to surmount two major challenges: identifying activities and jobs that could be created for people with disabilities and the adaptation of service stations to make them accessible to customers and workers. Solving the first of these required the development of workplaces and equipment specifically designed so new workers could enjoy a fully functioning workspace adapted to their physical needs.

Building accessible service stations required adaptation or complete elimination of features that could make accessibility difficult for those with disabilities. That meant creating better physical access routes and a wireless system to enable customers with reduced mobility to locate service station staff among a host of other measures.

These initiatives reflect Repsol’s wider commitment to disabled people as part of its corporate social responsibility commitments. These include promoting direct employment of disabled people at the company and at its suppliers and contractors. At the corporate level, it provides courses for people with differing levels of disabilities and promotes coordination with Special Employment Centres. Social awareness programs have also been devised for the Repsol Group, and the company works with a number of organisations, associations and foundations to assess the company’s performance.

The number of disabled employees in Repsol’s workforce grew from 407 people in 2010 to 674 by the end of 2014, accounting for 2.8% of Repsol’s overall workforce. In Peru, Repsol is a pioneer in this area and works closely with various regional bodies to raise awareness and share experiences in society, helping shape recently approved legislation and carrying out external campaigns.


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