Company profiles
Marathon Oil: A long-term value story
14 December 2010
A problematic well in US deep waters dented Marathon's share price, but upstream-growth predictions bode well for the long term, reports NJ Watson
BP on the mend, but recuperation will take time
28 October 2010
BP is working hard to rebuild its shattered reputation and has a big new Caspian gasfield on its books, but it will take more than that to comfort investors, writes Miles Lang
SilverBirch: Tackling the oil sands in a fresh guise
28 October 2010
HAVING shed its most cumbersome, problematic asset, a new company has surfaced in Alberta's oil sands, eager to develop its remaining 0.9bn barrels of mineable bitumen resources
Gas to drive Shell's rising global production
28 October 2010
NATURAL gas will play a "very prominent role" in Shell's future, says chief executive Peter Voser, with the company pledging to "enhance energy security and cut carbon emissions"
E.On adjusts to difficult times
1 September 2010
E.On is weathering the economic storm, but uncertain German nuclear policy and high gas-procurement costs remain a threat to its bottom line, reports NJ Watson
Petronas goes back to NOC basics
29 July 2010
A greater emphasis on Malaysia's upstream and energy security signals Petronas's return to a more traditional NOC model, writes Ian Lewis
Tony Hayward: The fall guy
29 July 2010
TO PRESERVE BP's position in the US and rescue what is left of its credibility in the country Tony Hayward had to go
ConocoPhillips shrinks in order to grow
1 July 2010
Like many of its peers, ConocoPhillips is reinventing itself along more unconventional lines, writes NJ Watson
Trafigura on trial over Ivory Coast waste
1 July 2010
The Switzerland-based oil and metals trading company, an employee and a tanker-captain, together with Amsterdam Port Services (APS) and the city of Amsterdam, are charged with offences relating to the export of toxic waste from the Netherlands
Shell upstream investment to deliver production growth from 2011
4 May 2010
Shell has a clear vision for its future and is predicting a new era of oil and gas production growth, writes NJ Watson
John Browne: the man who changed the oil industry
6 April 2010
John Browne has told the story of his life at BP. It is an engrossing insight into the rise and fall of one of the oil industry's greatest leaders, writes Derek Brower
Pemex: running to stand still
1 March 2010
There are signs of change at Pemex, but it remains heavily indebted and doubts over its claim to have stabilised oil production have not gone away, reports Robert Olson
Petrobras targeting supermajor status
1 March 2010
Petrobras continues to defy gravity by maintaining its large investment programme, but must source large numbers of skilled workers to advance its expansion plans, writes Robert Olson
Talisman Energy turns to the shale
1 March 2010
Talisman Energy is reshuffling its portfolio, seeking growth from North America's shale-gas resources. Derek Brower meets the company
CSR is not enough
1 March 2010
Different countries define it in different ways. The Western view – that governments and not companies should generally be responsible for social benefits – sometimes conflicts with that held by populations in third-world countries, which often expect philanthropy
In the vanguard of the shale-gas revolution: EnCana and its vision
1 March 2010
Natural gas can solve North America's energy supply dilemma. EnCana boss Randy Eresman talks to Derek Brower
Oil industry's increasing focus on CSR
1 February 2010
Are oil companies acting responsibly yet? Professor Jedrzej George Frynas from Middlesex University Business School writes
Anadarko's award-winning year
1 February 2010
With valuable exploration acreage in the US and overseas, and oil and gas production on the rise, Anadarko is one of 2010's prime acquisition targets, writes NJ Watson
Oil, money and greed
4 January 2010
A new book tells the story of the oil industry's boom-bust cycle through the personalities of its main protagonists. It isn't always a flattering portrait, writes Derek Brower
ExxonMobil plays the long-term game
4 January 2010
Despite falling profits, ExxonMobil's long-term, global approach to the oil and gas industry ensures the company remains highly valued by large institutional investors, writes NJ Watson
Mol's downstream delivers
25 November 2008
An increased stake in Ina provides upstream potential, but it is Mol's refineries that are delivering profits, writes NJ Watson
Gazprom: the mighty is falling
1 November 2008
With its share price in free fall, how will Gazprom's plan for world domination be affected? Derek Brower reports
Gas – and Gazprom
1 October 2008
With its vast untapped gas reserves and proximity to European markets, the new investment-welcoming Libya is top destination for Europe's big gas companies. Hence the chill in the air after Gazprom went public with its plans for the country, Martin Quinlan writes
Marathon Oil restructuring to unleash upstream potential
1 September 2008
The negative affects of high oil prices on its downstream business mask Marathon's upstream upside, writes NJ Watson
Schlumberger sees talent
1 August 2008