• Mideast oil investments key to global supply security

  • Crunch time

    The legacy of Opec’s high oil-price strategy is now plain: rising supply and weakening demand growth. The group must decide whether to rescue its market share or the oil price

  • Saudi Arabia hangs tough in bear market

    Opec’s heavyweight is no longer prepared to bear the brunt of the group’s cuts. Losing on price and volume share is to be avoided at all costs, writes Bill Farren-Price*

  • It's time for Opec to sweat it out

    Weak demand and rising supplies are putting pressure on Opec - but not for the first time. Robin Mills* puts the latest crisis in context

  • The sick man of Opec

    Renewed war in northern Iraq leaves Baghdad desperate to expand exports in the south. It may also lead to a deal with the Kurdish Regional Government – but rejoining Opec’s quota system is not on the cards, writes Gerald Butt*

  • Angola and Nigeria: caught in the middle

    Tight oil production in the US is hurting West Africa’s Opec members, even as their own output rises


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Glimmer amid the gloom

Lower oil prices will be tough for the industry, but good for the global growth and demand

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