• Carbon capture on its way?

    The ‘unproven’ technology may finally prove its worth as projects around the world are getting the green light, writes Robin M Mills

  • Rotterdam business under pressure

    Independent storage operators at the Dutch port are facing a squeeze while Antwerp has seen growth in volumes, Martin Quinlan writes

  • Gulf is best in the US

    Independent oil storage operators in the US are mostly experiencing difficult times but business is good on the Gulf coast, Martin Quinlan writes

  • Singapore meets Greater Singapore

    New independent oil storage terminals due to start-up in 2014 and 2015 could threaten Singapore’s good times, Martin Quinlan writes

  • It depends on where you are

    Business trends in independent oil storage have diverged geographically, with profits led by terminals serving the long-distance trade in refined products, Martin Quinlan writes

  • Coal seen as fuel to drive emerging economies

    Fossil fuels are seen as the solution to developing nation’s energy woes, writes Conal Urquhart

  • Short-term surge

    Oil output is rising quickly, but many problems still afflict Iraq’s energy sector, writes Derek Brower

  • US paralysed by climate policy

    THE latest developments in the tortuous Keystone XL pipeline review highlight the contradictions in US energy and climate change policies.

  • East African products pipeline firms up

  • Gulf is best in the US

    Independent oil storage operators in the US are mostly experiencing difficult times but business is good on the Gulf coast, Martin Quinlan writes

  • Tehran moots contract changes

    Iran is preparing for a complete overhaul of its contract model, confident that the improved political atmosphere in light of the P5+1 deal will attract major international firms – so long as the terms are sufficiently inviting, reports James Gavin

  • Crisis in Caracas

    What do you do if you’re the leader of a country facing rampant inflation, shortages of basic goods such as milk and toilet paper, a dollar shortage and sinking popularity that threatens to drag down your party in upcoming local elections?

  • Oil Search trumps majors in PNG

  • Japan casts net wide for LNG supplies

    Japan’s government would like to reduce the country’s dependence on LNG imports for power by bringing the country’s nuclear plants back into operation. But public opposition and policy delays mean securing LNG from all points of the globe will remain a priority for some time yet, writes Justin Jacobs

  • Reforms could spur India’s LNG imports

    Moves to close the gap between domestic gas prices and those of internationally traded gas could boost activity in India’s under-utilised regasification plants. James Gavin reports

  • LNG’s giant braces for competition

    Qatar is looking to strike export deals with new customers and extend existing contracts, as it adjusts to the influx of new supply to the global market from rival exporters. James Gavin reports

  • Beyond a buyers’ market

    Factors affecting the future of global LNG supply are numerous and unpredictable, encompassing infrastructure development, financing, political risk and pricing. But, one way or another, it all comes back to what happens in the US, writes Nikos Tsafos

  • Tanzania edges along the LNG road

  • On top of the world

    Their domination of global reserves has put NOCs in control of the oil industry. But they must do more to keep their advantage

  • Driving demand

    As the US witnesses a shift in the use of alternative fuels, Dr Abhishek Deshpande, oil markets analyst at Natixis, explores the trends that may affect demand for and supply of diesel products over the coming decade

  • Sweet and sour prospects for refiners

    With shale crude production escalating and the world's refineries becoming increasingly complex, processing sour crudes is no longer a reliable route to sweet margins, Martin Quinlan writes

  • The restless region

    The upheavals that began in late 2010 have not yet played out, leaving the world's most important oil-producing region on edge

  • Libya's problems mount

    The civil war ended the Qadhafi regime but persistent political chaos and violence is a growing threat to the country's oil sector

  • Obama’s climate conundrum

    Barack Obama wants to cut carbon emissions. The US president also wants to increase domestic oil and gas production. Can he do both?

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